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Growing Through Life ~ #F4TFriday

Let’s just say I was an old soul as a child. I never really felt young and sometimes found other children a nuisance.

It really feels as if I have got younger as I have grown older.

Of course the answer to what do you want to be when you grow up should be – Healthy and Happy. But lets look at the professions I set my sights on during my school years…


At five years old – still with a massive amount of growing up to do – I wanted to be a stripper. I thought it would be the job for me. Even then I liked being naked and for some reason had a little bit of an obsession with Las Vegas. Probably influenced by something I’d seen on TV.  My dad had been a big Elvis fan. Stripping seemed to go with Las Vegas in the very young May’s mind.

Some strippers probably have lots of fun. I enjoyed writing a story about one. But by the time I was old enough to be one I lacked confidence and simply hated performing.

I still dislike acting in front of a crowd but as you all know I do enjoy taking off my clothes…

Reading and Growing up

At primary school I read.

Roller skated a bit.

But mainly read.

By eight I had covered all the Famous Five and Malory Towers books. Moved on to  Edgar Rice Burroughs and the amazing Tarzan series. By ten I was devouring Jane Eyre and a few other romantic classics.

So you can understand why in junior school I was seen as slightly precocious when it came to reading. I would rote learn my spellings each week, never failing to get ten out of ten – forgetting them all the following week) – and enjoyed maths. The nuns thought I was a dead cert to pass the eleven plus so were confused when I failed. The reasons could have been because of what happened here or maybe I had a learning problem they hadn’t recognised?


At my convent secondary school I continued in my own conscientious way – growing up and reading. At twelve I was enjoying the James Herriot series and by fourteen Edgar Allen Poe came to bed with me. Plus I had taken to reading my brothers porn magazines before leaving for school.

When I was asked the when you are grown up question I would reply – librarian. Because I loved books and reading.


But then I discovered writing. I started with poetry and moved on to keeping a diary. And at school with a dictionary in hand I was able to create some excellent stories. One teacher giving me 11 out of 10 for a tale I have always remembered. Maybe I will recreate it for my blog sometime.

But because I loved to write and had a crazy visual imagination by the time I was 14, when asked that question I would reply –

A Journalist or writer.

It didn’t happen. Because I couldn’t perform when it came to the English exams. In those days books were not allowed into the examination room . My trusted dictionary companion remained in the bag.


My problem was spelling –  I kept replacing words that I wanted to use for words I knew how to spell. I almost, but not quiet, failed my English A’Level – which was fine because I went abroad for a while and learned far more than any decent grade would have taught me.

It was at Uni that I was finally diagnosed with dyslexia. I am not one for labels but it certainly explained a few things to me.

Many Hats

I never became a journalist. But I have worn many hats.

  • A waitress in a very swish, well known wine bar. Frequented by people who had more money than sense.
  • Computer Analyst/programmer on a plant that consisted of mainly men
  • A special needs teacher assistant.
  • A Nutritional therapist.

Plus a few more.

And of course a mother.

Dreams come true

Now a days it does not seem to matter if you can spell or not.  There are numerous checkers out there so I can write exactly what I want using words that I have no idea how to construct.

Indeed,  since last November, when I reached the final of the Smut Marathon competition, each month I’m being paid for some of my online stories and articles.

I am also in print in an anthology with another one on its way.

As to the stripping –  I never became a stripper, yet I do love to get naked for my blog photos.

Arguably it could be said , I eventually fulfilled both my when I grow up wishes.

Growing Through Life #103

17 thoughts on “Growing Through Life ~ #F4TFriday”

  1. I was wondering how on earth the idea of being a stripper could be on your radar at the age of 5 (was your dad looking at stag movies?) but perhaps Posy has explained it.
    Like yourself I read a lot as a kid, and although I never went to journalism school I did write for magazines during the 80s & 90s.
    I worked for a few months in a strip club (female strippers) and was once lucky enough to see an all male strip show (cap down, standing at the back) which -with it’s all female audience- was a different vibe entirely.
    I’m glad you like to get naked and be photographed. You look good and your man takes great pictures.

    1. I have been to many strip shows with the guy taking off his clothes.
      My man had a girlfriend who was a stripper when he was in a band.
      Idea of stripping at 5 – well in those days they were characters on the TV all the time in dramas and as i said i had a thing about Las Vegas – i am wiser now!

  2. Like you and many others here in the comments, I was a voracious reader, too, and a total swot when it came to spelling and dictation tests. I once lost a mark for writing “jail” instead of “gaol” (don’t even get me started!) and I practically camped outside the teacher’s lounge in protest. (In hindsight, the placcard and foul-mouthed chanting were probably a touch too far… ?)
    It’s really interesting to see the similarities between those of us drawn to writing.
    I really enjoyed your F4TFriday ?

  3. This was so relatable for me too. I was a very young reader and still love it. I have many stories and ideas but getting them to paper in a cohesive manner is still at times a struggle.

    Thank you for mentioning your struggle with dyslexia, I recall you commenting on my piece regarding my son and his struggle. It is still overlooked in many countries so all we can do is keep fighting for better assistance.

    I love reading your blog and seeing where your thoughts take you, so thank you for continuing to write!

    1. Thank u so much – your comment has made me very happy – struggles are a part of what makes us strong and I think mine has made me a better writer 😉

  4. May, I’ve seen you reference the smut marathon several times and it seems like it was such a growth experience for you … how wonderful. I hope to manage that someday. I’m glad you found your way back to writing and that it worked out so well! Also, I found this part especially very relatable, like you … “I still dislike acting in front of a crowd but as you all know I do enjoy taking off my clothes…”. Photography is perfect for people like us! I enjoy both your words and your photos and I’m glad you’re here.

    1. The smut marathon runs each year now – RebelsNotes (Marie) hosts it and does a fab job. I mention it a lot as it really got me to focus on my fiction. At the time I entered it in Jan 2018 I wrote mainly true life things, on my blog. But the SM is all about developing your fiction. Soit disciplined me to do just that. I somehow got through to the final and was/am very proud. My man always said that the competition helped mold me into the writer I have become. So I support it when ever i can x

  5. I have to admit that this post made me nod along May, in so many places! I was a precocious reader from a young age too, my mother positively encouraged it.

    From a young age I too wanted to use my body to mesmerise people and grab attention the way strippers and sexy females were portrayed as doing on TV – I grew up in an era when Carry On films and Confessions of a Windowcleaner etc. were considered fairly harmless fun!

    At 10-11 I toyed with the idea of being a vet, so I bought lots of animal & veterinary story books. Soon I moved onto more classic books like Turn of the Screw, The 39 Steps and Great Expectations. I aspired to be a journalist too, for magazines not newspapers, so what I do now with my blog and my writing feels pretty close to that.

    I think the stories you have in anthologies are just the tip of the iceberg, you will become more prolific and better known with speed. I don’t imagine you will allow dyslexia will hold you back.

  6. You have had a rich and varied life May wearing, as you say, many hats. One thing that always comes across in your writing is your warmth and love. As Lennon and McCartney said,
    “And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.” The End from Abbey Road.

    1. Ohh pons that is one of my fave ever Beatles Lp’s – will Lp’s full stop. I used to listen to it as a teen as i fell asleep! How astute you are xx

  7. Yay, well done for being a fellow writer! I used to read obsessively as well when I was a child and being a stripper sounded fun when I was a teenager/young adult. My strict upbringing prevented me from doing that and now I’m just too old.

    1. I do think I have a way to go before I’m what I would call a proper writer – and maybe I won’t get that far – but it’s a stat for sure x

  8. That’s quite a progression. I reckon it does take some precociousness to dream of being a stripper at that age.

    Rather nice to look back and say “I accomplished”.

    melody xx

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