Guitars ~ Playing the Blues

I haven’t been posting much lately. I am hoping to get back to writing more over the summer.

Also entering meme’s and reading my favourite blogs has taken a back seat. Another thing I am hoping to have more time for very soon.

One meme that I have supported right from the start is MonoChromerotic. It’s run by the beautiful little gem on the Tell Me About site curated by my friend Missy. But I have also neglected linking to that lately – the reason being I have not much felt like taking selfies or having my photo taken. However, I found this one I took earlier in the year – a selfie of me reflected in my man’s guitar. It is quite poignant as his guitars used to hang from a beam in our old place, but as some of you know we have now moved from there and I am wondering where we will put the guitars when we have had time to settle…

I am really excited about the change, so the blues refers to the nakedness of my image rather than feeling blue 😉

I apologise that the whole image is not completely mono. The bit of my body is though, and I lose the effect if I crop the shot and changing it all to black and white takes away the beauty of the guitars. So I hope you will excuse my indulgence 😉

The Guitar was my weapon,

My shield to hide behind.

Brian May

24 thoughts on “Guitars ~ Playing the Blues”

  1. Not often enough but it helps keeps my fingers flexible which can be very helpful in other situations 😉

  2. That is a super image – got me thinking too and then I remembered that my Martin has a matte finish!

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