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My man makes our whips…

This all started a couple of years ago when we had to travel abroad a few times for work. We didn’t think that airport security would be keen on letting us through with ropes and whips in our luggage. So decided the best thing to do would be create them once we arrived at our destination. But how?

Just by chance we were scouting around a charity shop and found one of those belts that were popular in the 1980’s. Hipster belts with tassels. Some have beads on the end of the tendrils and some don’t. Some are made of leather and some of suede. And they’re very cheap. Then, with a little bit of simple DIY, using some cable ties and a piece of wood, you can put together lots of very interesting whips. Each quite unique and packing a different punch depending what the belt consists of.

Of course the beauty is the belts and cable ties are easy to pack. When we arrive at our destination my man searches for an appropriate kitchen utensil or perhaps a bit of beach bamboo/wood for the handle and within a short time he is waiting, whip in hand, for me to drop my knickers and bend over!

He has also been known to cut of a slim branch and whittle away any nodules until a cane like thing is produced… That is so hot to watch. Knowing… he… will… hurt me with it!

Updated post – first published in 2019

20 thoughts on “Handmade Whips and Tips ~ DIY”

    1. The beads are quite harsh actually. I prefer the suede tendrils as it gives a shock of pain and then almost caresses after 😉 x

  1. Great determnation and dedication to your D/s dynamic! Love you guys – you’ve totally responded to the prompt!

  2. These are gorgeous. He is very clever and I so love the idea of waiting while an implement is fashioned to hurt me too ?

  3. This is so lovely and creative! ? I am sort of in awe that this is real! (It sounds real.)

  4. I have always just packed our sex toys. Though there are some I wouldn’t take—I would hate for them to be stolen. Making something when you arrive sounds like a good idea. Knowing my Queen was going to use it on me would add to my submission!

    1. My man always seems to get stopped and searched, any hand luggage included in that. Although we could put a whip in the hold but making the toy there is bags more fun 😉 x

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