Exploring Outside Bondage – Hayloft Setting

Wine, Whips and Whispers

What a wonderful setting the hayloft turned out to be when my man and I first began exploring outside bondage together. Here is a real life bondage tale…

Exploring Outside Bondage in the Hayloft

The sun is warm on my back as we sit out on the patio and unwind. I am so thrilled to see him. We have been separated due to work and are spending a few days together away from home. Our relationship, in its present incarnation, is somewhat new and I am feeling so horny towards him!

When he inquires, “want to see the hayloft?” Many thoughts  cross my mind regarding the prospect of exploring bondage in a hayloft of all places. We have talked about BDSM a lot – would this be the day I ask myself?

“Cool!” I reply hopefully.

I follow him up the wooden ladder inside the barn. It smells musty, dry and warm. Out of the corner of my eye I watch him open a bottle of Cava and fill two glasses. My main focus is taken by some ropes strategically placed hanging from one of the rafters and a horse whip lying nearby on the hay.

I take the glass he is offering and sip the sparkling wine. My mind is racing with expectation. We have talked about exploring bondage and all its trappings and because we have known each other intimately over many years there aren’t many things we won’t discuss. At this moment he is taking me at my word – have I been bluffing? I look in his eyes and realise in a short while we will both know the answer to this question.

I had a casual relationship many years before which involved spanking and some other kinky activities. With that experience under my belt I am certain I like pain and also I know that I don’t want to be the dominant one where sex is concerned, but whips and ropes?

He hasn’t been my man long. We have wanted each other for ages but circumstances haven’t been kind to us. Perhaps this fact contributed to the electric intensity that often sparked between us. We don’t have to wait anymore, we aren’t young, I think to myself. 

He can see I am contemplating the upcoming situation and his face breaks into a particularly boyish smile,

“If not now then when?” he asks.

He takes a step towards me and we start to kiss. Ah, how my stomach tightens at any sexual contact with this man. I try not to analyse this too much, it’s just chemistry.

“Kneel down there”, he then points to an area of loft which has a raised section just in front of it and a high beam above it, from which the ropes are hanging.

I kneel and sense him standing behind me. He takes hold of my wrists and secures a cable tie to each.

“Raise your arms.”

I put my arms above my head and watch him thread the rope through each cable tie and knot it to the beam above, pulling it tight so my arms are taut. Even though I am sober my head begins to whirl, at last a man is taking me seriously, showing initiative and sweeping me off my feet.

He’s behind me again, unzipping my jeans. However, as I am kneeling he can only pull them down as far as my knees. I realise that even though he had thought a lot of this through he had not visualised that I may be wearing jeans. Somehow it makes the whole situation feel incredibly real.

He kneels next to me and puts his hand into my black lacy knickers. I hear myself softly moan as he inserts a finger inside me and whispers in my ear,

“Ah wet girl…”

All of a sudden my knickers are down, I scream as the horse whip plants itself firmly on my buttocks’. Fuck that feels liberating. I have waited an awful long time for this and hence I am not disappointed. I’m bad, he’s bad and I feel so happy about it. Exploring bondage in the hay loft – perfect.

The whip lands again and the pain registers this time, bittersweet in its undertone. I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and shake my hair back. Before I have opened them he has walked round to the raised section of loft and is kneeling in front of me passionately kissing me. I hungrily kiss him back, he pulls back and puts my wine glass to my lips and I eagerly sip it. He puts the glass down and leans into me undoing my shirt. He sighs as he views my breasts under my bra. His hands reach round the back to undo the clasp. My hands are high above my head, I am powerless. His fingertips enclose my nipples and he squeezes. It is my turn to let out a sigh as my stomach once again contracts.

My mind begins to race as I attempt to reflect upon the last half hour. I look at him as he stands and removes his jeans without taking his eyes from mine. His cock is hard and rigid. When he positions himself in front of me I notice the level is perfect for it to enter my mouth. He takes a step forward and puts his left hand on the back of my head. He steers his cock into my mouth and my tongue immediately begins to stroke the tip and length of it.

I look up at him and see the pleasure reflected in his face. He guides my head and pushes in to my mouth as far as he can. I know I can take it deeper but am not used to sucking a cock I heavily desire so realise I need to learn this knack to please my man. Time, I think, all in good time.

With his right hand he has taken control of his cock and is rubbing it all over my face and pushing it against my full lips. He begins to wank against my mouth and my tongue licks the end of his knob. I can smell his familiar smell and indulge myself with the texture and feel of his cock against my skin. Suddenly he is coming. He spurts liberally on to my mouth and cheeks as he groans with contentment. It feels warm and satisfying. The sun is shining through the barn door, yeah, it’s an especially great day for exploring bondage in a hayloft!

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11 thoughts on “Exploring Outside Bondage – Hayloft Setting”

  1. I love how deeply into the details and feelings you take us in this blog post. I can imagine how liberating it must have felt and that feeling of… finally, my desires are met

  2. “More do you want to see the hayloft”… what a great pickup line. Knowing that you are no stranger to a barn and spend most of your time wearing Wellies and a big straw hat, and probably nothing much else, I’m sure this is a true story.

    1. This was the first post I ever wrote for my blog Elliott – I had to update it as for some reason I found it had disappeared – and u probably got a notification.
      In the days when this happened I wasn’t so “countryfied” 😉 x

  3. Hi Miss Sexy May,
    That was such a sexy story and even though I’m new to your site, I can never get enough of your writing. So when I do visit your site I take a little me time to explore learning more about you!! That being said, it seems though the more I learn the more I always end up fantasizing about exploring you. As I pause a moment to search your site further, reality comes back into focus and that’s when I realize I’m stroking my big fat hard cock daydreaming about you!!
    Reading Your bondage story in the loft of the barn had me doing the same stroking thinking I was him until he came way sooner and fast.
    Now put me in there for real and you are horsewhipped more teased more with the whip until I put it between your thighs causing you to hungrily ride the whip wanting your clit rubbed whispering in your ear “Are you ready to cum baby”, as you nod yes! Then I whisper” Do you want to ride my cock that you made so hard?” That’s when I take my cock and trace your lips with my swollen head . Mmmm you part your lips for me to enter but I only let you suck on my head. ……then……”You can ride my cock baby as soon as you cum for me” ” You know that turns me on when you cum first” Just then I slip a finger into your soaking wet pussy and you cum immediately. Mmmm, Steve xoxo

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