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Anal Sex, do it right ~ Guest Post

Anal sex can be tricky. I know I’ve had trouble with doing it right in the past. In this guest post Hustler Hollywood, a sex toy company, explore ways which may help you enjoy the activity more.

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Anal sex is a great way to open your sexual horizons, no matter who you are or who you’re with. Whether it’s an addition to a masturbation session or something you want to do with your partner, you can use it to add some incredible sensations that you’ve never discovered before.

But any time you’re engaging with something new, it’s important to do so safely. These keys to healthy anal sex will help your transition into the world of anal more comfortably, leaving you excited for the next session.


Of course, communication is important not just in your sex life, but in your relationships, too. But it’s even more important if you’re planning to introduce something new in the bedroom. 

Talk to Your Partner Beforehand

Don’t spring this on your partner in the middle of sex, even if you’re pretty sure they’re going to be excited about it. If it’s you or your partner’s first time ever, you’re going to need to set up some things in advance to make it pleasurable for the both of you. Plus, if it’s your first time with this partner, you need to make sure they don’t feel pressured to try it in the heat of the moment. Remember: consent is king, and this makes things both consensual and exciting.

Voice Your Desires

You shouldn’t stay quiet if you’re not enjoying the experience. Everyone should be having a good time, and you’re not bringing the mood down if you want to try something else. If you’re going to be gagged, come up with a movement or hand gesture that you can use to ask your partner to slow down or stop so you can adjust.

Start Slow

Any time you start something new, you should ease yourself into it. That holds especially true for anal sex, which needs to be slow and steady the first time you do it.

Make Foreplay a Priority

You might not consider foreplay too important when it comes to anal sex. But the relaxing properties of foreplay can have a significant effect on your enjoyment. You want to be completely relaxed when you actually get to the sex, because you’re less likely to tense up and potentially make things more difficult for both you and your partner.

Don’t Be Rough Immediately

Lots of people love rough sex, and in the right scenario, that can be an incredibly arousing option. But roughness when you’re just starting with anal sex can have serious consequences. You can actually end up tearing your anus or perineum if you don’t use enough lube or go too quickly. As you continue with anal, you’ll start to relax more and be less tense, and then you can introduce a bit of kink into it. But start out slowly.

Stock Up on Toys

One of the things you can do for a more thrilling experience is add in some toys. With high-quality sex toys, you can increase your enjoyment and open up more options.

Use Lots of Lube

Lube is a must with anal sex and provides the perfect opportunity for a fulfilling experience. Plus, lube makes it less likely that you’ll hurt yourself and it makes the penetration more enjoyable. If you want to ease into it even more slowly, try a relaxant cream, numbing gel, or lube with numbing or relaxant properties, which can help you avoid a painful first brush with anal.

Try an Anal Toy

If you want to try anal penetration in a different way or you want to experience double penetration, you should definitely look into anal toys. From butt plugs to anal beads and prostate massagers, there’s something for everyone. You can even find double penetration harnesses for you or your partner to wear as you play around with anal. When you have a few anal toys, the only limit is your imagination.

Stay Safe

Above all, you should stay safe when you’re doing anal. This applies to plenty of other places in your sex life. For example, kink also has an element of danger to it. But with the right precautions, you can be completely safe.

Speak Up if It Hurts

Don’t just stay quiet if you’re extremely uncomfortable. Whether you just need to switch positions or you need to stop entirely for a second, pain is a sign that something’s not right. You may like a little bit of pain mixed in with sex, but this is the wrong kind of pain. If something hurts, stop immediately and fix things before continuing.

Never Go Directly From Anal to Vaginal Sex

Although anal sex can be completely hygienic, it’s important to remember that vaginas have a delicately balanced pH and clean themselves in a very specific way. You don’t want to mess with that by potentially adding bacteria from anal sex. If you want to embrace anal and vaginal penetration with a penis or sex toy, here’s a great way to protect yourself: put a condom on at the beginning of sex, then take off the old one and put on another one to switch from anal to vaginal penetration.


Anal sex is a great addition to your sex life, and it can even be a good introduction to trying out new things in the bedroom. If you do it the right way, everyone will have fun, and you’ll be excited for the next time. Keep these keys in your back pocket and make sure you adhere to them for safe, exciting anal sex every time. 

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10 thoughts on “Anal Sex, do it right ~ Guest Post”

  1. I was a 17-year-old girl the first time I tried anal sex with my boyfriend. We used lube, which helped him bury his entire 11-inch cock inside of my asshole.

  2. We have never tried it. My partner will insert a couple of finger into my anus with lubrication which makes me orgasm quite quickly. He has had a guy do it to him once but didn’t really enjoy it. I’m not sure if I would or not.

    1. Hi TY for commenting – anal is a strange thing. I used to really enjoy it but now I have other kinks that I prefer so my man and I don’t participate often. Thou we do use butt plugs which I would recommend 😉

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