Lets hear it for the Men on SoSS

Each week I have tried to put some sort of theme to my #soss post and this time it is MEN. I do love men. Call me sexist if you will – or even heterosexual – I am not fussed, as one who doesn’t really hold with labels 😉

Photo by kind permission of Mike Smith – Click to find him on Twitter


Here in the sex-blogging community, there is a lot to love about them. So, today I want to give a shout out to a few.


Men such as Michael Knight who, among other things; supports Molly Moore in her numerous endeavours by proof-reading her many projects and blog; sorts computer technical issues; and apparently cooks fantastic meals! I have also read that he will be a jury member for the up coming Smut Marathon.

Next, John Brownstone who supports Kayla Lords in her work, in more ways than one 😉 and is the Judge for Masturbation Monday. He also writes posts for his own blog, when he has time.

These men both get on and do their thing. It seems to me, that without them, some Memes and sex blogging projects may not be running so smoothly.

One person who does have a great website and constantly supports other peoples blogs with Tweets and comments is Elliot Henry. He has got to be one of the friendliest people sex-blogging today. Check out his rather naughty images and stories on his blog.


Ah, the sexy shots that can brighten a horny gals day. Yes, for this I often delve into the Kilted Wookies site, where I am always sure to come across the type of image that provides the right start to my day. Go over there and take a look at his photo album, and see what you think.


This week I want to recommend two posts, by men, ( sticking with my theme) – that both really impressed me.

First Cousin Pons. His writing improves on a daily basis and his Masturbation Monday post this week was very well written, not to mention an extremely hot piece of fiction. A photo of me was the prompt and his tale was also very fitting for this image. Have a read of the very entertaining, Country Matters.

Next is Bibulous One who constantly puts out fascinating, high quality, hot, true erotica. Take a look at – Walk in, Beat him, Leave – It is quiet intense and so well described you almost feel you are in the room. This line is so powerful – I feel her sadism and my masochism connect and dance with each other.

Please take time to look at some of these great links…

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