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I am sitting on a park bench waiting for Jesus. We have arranged to meet. He’d promised me a miracle. But looking at my phone I can see he’s already ten minutes late. Damn, I’m relying on him.

I’ve only known him since last Saturday. We got chatting at Gabe’s party. He’d gone in for a snog and I’d had to stop him. My heart is still locked and belongs to Matthew. God knows I have tried to forget about him but it’s impossible with our padlock secured to the Heart Locker Bridge.

When I explained the problem to Jesus he’d asked where the key was.  Matt had gone down for armed robbery and was given ten years, he’d thrown the key away. Vowing never to let me go.

So, my heart beats for him. I can’t help it. Knowing he’s a bad boy doesn’t stop that. I may as well be in prison with him.

Back to Jesus. He has such a gentle face, big nose, but that’s fine and one of those goatee type beards. Hair a bit of a mess. Not groomed really like most young guys but he wears it neatly in a ponytail. He’s cool, in an old fashioned way. Clever too. When he was chatting me up I had to listen so hard to make sure I didn’t miss what he was saying. All those long words, you know, like misogyny and philanthropy. But it was worth the effort – he was really interesting.

Anyway, Jesus said he’d meet me here and would perform a trick to undo my padlock. Then I’d be free to move on – romantically.

But where is he? Didn’t think he was the type to stand me up. My nerves are a bit on edge. Just as I take the first drag of a cigarette to calm myself I look up and there he is, running across the grass towards me.

“Maddie, I’m sorry. Got tied up at a charity event in town. Let’s go straight down to the river.”

He takes my hand smiling.

At the Heart Locker Bridge there are a few people with keys unlocking their padlocks. One girl is crying and another punches the air throwing her lock into the water below. A happy looking couple secure a padlock and pocketing the key they depart arms entwined.

I catch sight of mine immediately.  Matt and my initials encased in a heart.

Jesus hovers his hand over the lock, looks up to the sky and mutters something in an old, strange language. Latin I think. As I glance at his fingers I notice heat emitting from them and to my utter astonishment the padlock falls from the bridge and disappears into the grimy water below.

“Jesus, you’re a magician,” I exclaim, hugging him. My heart now released, my bond with Matt a thing of the past. “How can I repay you?”

Pressing himself into me, our lips meet. His hardness throbbing against my hip and my cunt moistens with delight.

He produces a padlock from his pocket. Engraved are his initials, JC, alongside mine, surrounded by a cross.

With a mighty fling, he hauls it into the river shouting,

“Love should be free to ebb and flow like the tide.”

Wow! I thought. Jesus is so wise…

When I saw the prompt for Wicked Wednesday I could not think of much  that would astonish me. I am not easily shocked or surprised. One thing I thought may astonish me would be a miracle. So, this story grew from that thought. Intended for last week’s flash Friday as I like the padlock theme and the idea of padlock that would act as a “heart locker,”  but I’m too late for that meme.

This story was also written to help me practise jumping from one tense to another and back again!

Read an article I wrote about Jesus 😉

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22 thoughts on “The Heart Locker Bridge ~ Miracles Happen”

  1. A brilliant story, and great fun. So ‘out there’ concept wise I wondered if you were on the gin when you thought of it. In which case, pour yourself another – I want to read about Maddie and JC getting it on (in a church I’m guessing, knowing you?)

  2. I am so behind on my reading due to life, but I have had my eye on this and knew I hadn’t read it, BUT I fully intended to do so and my goodness it was worth the wait. I realise I just gushed all over Fear Factor and I’m risking being a total fangirl by doing the same here but I don’t care, this was AWESOME! May you are a force to be reckoned with at the moment, what brilliant writing. Marvellous stuff x

  3. A treat of a story May. Or should I say a parable. I loved it. And well done with the tenses. I’ve tried it myself and know how difficult it can be to get the word endings right. Some lovely comments from the others here and thanks for mentioning my humour as well. xx

  4. This is fucking brilliant May! Well and truly gave me cause for astonishment – and a good deal of mirth!
    Indie xx

  5. “Latin I think” !!! Absolutely LOVED that . . . and in fact the whole story had me in fits !!!

    Wonderful post . . . that’s just made my Wicked Wednesday !!!

    Xxx – K

    1. I really try and add wit to most of my stories – I love it when I read it from others – CP is a great one for that too, thanks Missy x

  6. Fucking hell, May! I can’t believe I just read this. This is one of the best things you’ve ever written, it is way beyond fabulous. At the Friday Flash badge anyway, Leonora will want to read this.

    1. High acclaim Elliott – many thanks. Tenses are hard to get right and it taxed me jumping from one to another but glad i wrote it 😉

  7. Mayyyyyy what have you done here? Wow! I really love this story! Just wow!!!

    Rebel xox

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