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Holiday Sex Bedroom Blooper

This true tale happened about four or five summers ago. Memories from those years are bathed in a wonderful dreamy, glow. Still very vivid, yet they now have a far-away feel to them. I am so glad my man and I explored many different places and ideas back then. It was a fine time to be in love and enjoying all that life had to offer.

Setting the Holiday Sex Scene

We were visiting a remote part of a Greek island that we’d both travelled to before, with other partners, when we were much younger. On this particular morning we had been swimming and sunbathing for a few hours and the temperature on the beach was soaring. The only thing to do was go back to the room, have some lunch, a glass of wine, an afternoon siesta and perhaps some raunchy holiday sex.

The window boasted a great view of the sea, but this meant the bed itself was overlooked by the roof of a building outside. So if someone was standing on the roof they would see straight in and indeed view the double bed in its entirety. But why would anyone be on the rooftop in the middle of the day? It wasn’t used for anything except for satellite dishes and solar panels.

I can’t remember if we had some food first. I think we did. But I can remember what happened when we got down to some bedroom bondage…

The Bedroom blooper

My body was turning an attractive golden brown and under instruction I was stretched out taut on the bed. My man tied both of my feet to the corner posts at the bottom. He came up to the top and kissed me while tying my hands above onto the bed board.

Kneeling naked beside me he began to stroke and caress my skin, relaxing and exciting me all at once. Then moving to stand beside the bed he looked down on me with a handmade whip in hand. My breathing shifted up a gear in anticipation. I looked at him and could tell by his eyes he had morphed into character. He lightly bought the whip down between my open legs.

Newly shaved – my cunt’s sensitivity was high. I felt a rush of desire filter through my body, starting at the spot where the whip fell. Without giving me time to wonder what would happen next the whip came down with more force across my breasts. I let out a gasp, trying to contain the noise – this was a very hot day and the windows were open. I closed my eyes as a third strike landed un-forgivingly across my waist.

Suddenly without hesitation, my man straddled me, cock alert, and began to suck and bite my breasts. My boobs are extremely responsive and he knows just how to play them. I writhed and moaned with delight. He turned around and again whipped my open cunt lips. It landed harder this time making the whole area tingle in bittersweet pleasure. To ease the pain he leaned down and let his tongue slide from the top of my slit, over my clitoris and then deeper still.

Sex on holiday was proving even better than at home – if that was possible. His tongue continued to flick over the tender skin between my legs. Moving to face me he shifted his body so the tip of his cock was gently rubbing against my face and teasing my lips. He put his hands behind my head and forcefully began to thrust his cock as far as it would go into the warmth of my mouth. Tears came to the corners of my eyes. I particularly enjoy the vehemence of a face fuck. On this occasion, it was to be short-lived.

Without warning he jumped from the bed, swearing furiously. Grabbing his sarong and wrapping it round his waist he pulled the flimsy, see-through, curtains across the window. What the fuck was happening?

There’s a guy on the roof right there-outside the window watching us!” he hissed.

I immediately shut my eyes and squirmed with embarrassment. I was lying on top of the sheet, tied to the bedposts. Any attempts he made to cover me were hopeless as my body was pinning down the linen.

Finally, he put shorts on and covering my length with the sarong began to untie my ankles and wrists. All the while explaining that at the very moment he began fucking my mouth he had seen a man, broom in hand enjoying the view through our window. Later, we realised he was actually whitewashing the rooftop, our holiday sex activities in full view to him.

As mortified as I was I did see the funny side of the whole situation. After all, nobody ever went on the roof except perhaps to carry out the job he was doing.

Under the shield of the sheet, we dozed on the bed theorising about what he would be telling his friends that evening at the local bar…

Such an embarrassing, yet fun memory to own 😉

As to wicked Wednesday Tentacles…

Well I am sure there were a few in the Greek sea but tentacle fantasy porn in general is not my thing. However, I do understand why some find it hot. On occasions I have read well written sci fi erotica which feature tentacles or similar, and have felt a kind of weird fascination for the tale.  This one – Shambleu – was written in 1933 by a namesake of mine C Moore. I would highly recommend it.

16 thoughts on “Holiday Sex Bedroom Blooper”

  1. Sometimes it’s better not to notice that someone is watching. And you didn’t finish your games, and that man on the roof didn’t finish the show.

  2. I bet you made his day. It would be nice to have carried on and made him part of things but then there is always a risk I guess. Missy x

  3. Oh May … a Greek Island … Summer … back to the apartment for some wind-up and wind-down “raunchy” fun … AND … exhibitionism! I know it all so well !!!
    This has everything for me … so sexy, so fun, such memories.
    You’ve left me tingling, squirming … and hoping !!!
    Xxx – K

  4. Greece. Day. Sunshine. Heat. 😝
    A person working on the roof should receive at least some compensation for such harsh conditions. 🍕

  5. That’s funny but I’m wondering if you ever had a second go at that session? And I’m betting it wasn’t the first time he’d looked in that window over the years 🙂

  6. Bahaha! That man was thinking, “Damn, I love this job!” Those Greeks like a lot of kink in their shenanigans. Although embarrassing for you (even though it was probably super hot to watch) it was probably par for the course for him. Either way, you made his day 🙂

  7. Interesting story. I especially like who can describe events in such colorful detail. I’ve tried to do that, but it doesn’t work. You have a wonderful way of putting words into sentences. Keep it up. I LOVE YOUR stories.

  8. I can only imagine him having the best working day of his life, but I would’ve reacted the same as you, wanting to hide immediately 😉
    ~ Marie xox

  9. Oh dear – I do hope things got better afterwards! I honestly hadn’t read Shambleu before I wrote the second part of the Martian’s tale which has a rather happier ending…

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