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Homemade Sex Toys for Kinky Couples

One of the great things about having a blog and writing sexy posts is you get to chat with really fun, like minded people. Daniel from the Adult Blog is one such person. When I saw some great posts he had written regarding making your own sex toys I asked if he could write one for my readers. And here it is.

Homemade Sex Toys

Couples that have already introduced sex toys into their lives have much to say about their benefits.

It’s no longer a secret that sex toys are an excellent way to spice up your sex life. They can keep the fire burning in long relationships, but also help those who find themselves short of a partner.

What most people list as an obstacle to trying out their first sex toy is the price. However, you don’t have to jump into using a Fleshlight or expensive vibrators. All it takes is a bit of creativity and imagination for you to realize that your entire household is filled with potential sex toys.

Before you get down to taking advantage of every item you have laying around, you should still take certain precautions. Wash all the items thoroughly before and after sex and remember to use a condom. And if you plan on trying out your new rolling pin together with a partner, make sure to communicate your wishes before simply taking the item to bed with you.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s check out some interesting homemade sex toys for kinky couples.

6 Best Sex Toys You Can Find Around the House

Here are a couple of things, some of which you most certainly possess, that you can take to the bed with you:

  • A pearl necklace
  • Ice cubes and candle wax
  • Ping-pong paddle
  • Smartphones
  • Ties or stockings
  • Fruits and vegetables.

We’ll start off with a lovely pearl necklace and explain what you can do with it.

Pearl Necklace

Before you grab the most expensive pearl necklace you own, we’d like to point out that faux pearls will work just fine.

Take the necklace and tie a knot midway through it. Make the knot as big as you want it to be, and make sure you leave enough of the necklace to hold on to.

Place the knot on top of your clit, take each end of the necklace in each hand, and start pulling it back and forth. You can also let your partner be in control of pulling. That will let you commit to fully enjoying the moment.

Pearls rubbing against your most intimate spot will send waves of pleasure throughout your body.

You can also tie the pearl necklace around the shaft of your partner’s penis, but make sure to lube up before that.

Remember to clean the necklace before and after each intimate session with it.

Ice Cubes and Candle Wax

We probably don’t have to explain what you have to do with ice cubes to play with each other, but here goes.

There are few things more intimate than running a melting ice cube down your partner’s body. You can let it drip and even use it to cool your tongue for some incredible kisses.

For ultimate pleasure, gently rub the ice cubes across your partner’s clit and labia. To pay your partner back for that amazing treat, you can put the ice cube in your mouth until it cools down. Then go down on him and show him the time of his life.

Make sure you’re lubricated or at least let the ice melt for a bit before using it. Otherwise, it might get stuck to your privates, and that’s definitely not enjoyable.

Take the fun to the next level with candle wax. It’s important to know that there are body-safe candles designed for a precisely sexual purpose. Don’t use the regular one, and be very, very careful to remove anything flammable before attempting something like this.

Once you take all the precautions, waxplay can be an extremely pleasurable activity for both partners. Let it drip slowly and make sure to get all the good parts.

Ping-Pong Paddle

Paddling is by no means a new trend. Spanking’s been around for quite some time, and sex toys used in BDSM are quite a hit.

You can use plenty of household items for spanking, but none beat the good old ping-pong paddle. It’s easy to handle, about the right size for spanking, and comes in a variety of materials.

You can get a plastic one, a wood one, and there are even leather and rubber paddles. Take turns spanking each other for quality couples time.

There are no serious health considerations here. Just make sure the paddle is clean.


Smartphones make us more connected, yes, but on a deeper level than anyone could anticipate.

Apps like iMassage U, BuruExtreme, and iVibe can turn any Android or iOS device into a real love machine.

Vibrating toys are better suited to women, but you can let your partner control the intensity of vibration. That’s how you can play together.

Make sure to clean the smartphone properly.

If you find that vibration is to your liking, you should learn how to make your own vibrator. With a bit of practice, it can be a better toy than a smartphone ever will. And it’s a great bonding activity for couples.

Ties and Stockings

Both ties and stockings can be used for light BDSM play.

If you don’t have any ropes or handcuffs at the ready, you can just tie your partner down with ties or stockings. In addition to that, you can use them as blindfolds to further increase eroticism.

The best thing of all, if they’re made of silk, which they usually are, it will make the experience all the nicer.

Just don’t cut your partner’s blood flow by tying them too roughly. Make sure to communicate that.

Fruits and Vegetables

Let’s face it, there are no better homemade sex toys than the ones you can find in the pantry or inside the fridge.

Food, most commonly fruits and vegetables, is a fine addition to a couples’ sex life. Zucchinis, cucumbers, bananas, and anything and everything in between are potential sex toys.

You can let your partner control how fast or gentle the penetration is.

You should never use fruits and vegetables without condoms. If you have bananas on your mind, make sure they’re solid enough, as they can easily fall apart. For that reason, you should keep them unpeeled.

Homemade sex toys ~ Conclusion

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t experiment with some handy homemade sex toys. They’re highly varied, easy to clean, and most importantly – always at the ready.

Open up to your partner about wanting to experiment with household items. You’d be surprised how many people are comfortable about something like that.

And most of all, make sure you’re both safe by keeping the experience as clean as possible. Both your and your partner’s health should come before pleasure. And then, you can come after the pleasure as well.

Homemade sex toys

Peal Necklace image from Pixabay.

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