How to Start a porntube site using xStreamer

How to Start a porntube site using xStreamer

I have an extremely informative Guest Post for you all about how to set up your own Porntube website! Here we go, over to the experts

Porn, just like, money, has been considered taboo for a long time(although it shouldn’t). 10-15 years back, starting a porntube website would have led to a backlash from your friends, family, and society. But I’m glad things have changed for good. Although still a touchy topic, now people do see the adult industry as an industry of money and repute. Well, at least many do. The adult industry is huge and is basically a goldmine if you know where and how to dig.

Today I’m going to talk about a topic that can make you loads of passive cash while you sleep. Yes, today I will take you through the goldmine of how to start a porn website using xStreamer.

You might ask why xStreamer. Well, after working closely in this industry and seeing and trying out various scripts to build something similar to Pornhub or Xvideos, I have finally concluded that xStreamer by Adent is the most affordable and customizable option available in the market to build your porntube site. I have been using xStreamer for the past 18 months and I have nothing but praise for this turnkey product. Let’s move ahead and see how to start a porntube site and how xStreamer can be the solution you need.

#1 Nail your Niche

Before you jump in on how to start a porn website, you need to figure out your niche game. I’ll suggest you go for a niche that isn’t very common and present on every porntube site. I chose ‘double blowjob’ or ‘sandwich blowjob’ as my niche for my tube site. You can research all the available niches and take a conscious call on which one you want to go ahead with.

It’s well known that niche sites perform much better due to the limited keyword density. It also helps with SEO benefits like fancy domain names, rich internal links, and optimized headings. The idea behind choosing an unpopular niche is to get quality and relevant traffic to your porntube site. What’s the point of getting irrelevant traffic and getting no clicks. So it’s really important that you choose your niche carefully.

#2 Get your domain name

You can choose from various extensions like .com, .net, .org, .co, etc. I personally would prefer to go with .com as that is the most universally visible and recognised extension.

Your domain name needs to catch the attention of the user. And it also has to be relevant to your niche. For example, if you chose Indian as your niche, then your domain name can be or

Once you find a suitable domain name available that is affordable too, buy it before it gets taken.

#3 Fix on Adult Hosting

Adult hosting is an essential part of your porntube site journey. A lot of sites prefer to go with shared hosting servers. But that is not recommended, especially for an adult website where the traffic is high and uptime needs to be maintained all the time.

Choosing a VPS server also isn’t recommended for an adult site as it’s also a shared server and you will be sharing the server with many other websites. In this process, you might lose out on valuable traffic due to the slow response of your adult website.

I prefer to go with a dedicated hosting service that can provide 99.9% uptime, good storage space and RAM speeds, 24/7 online support, etc. Many leading growth hackers and entrepreneurs recommend the M3 Server and I use the same. M3 Server fulfills all my purpose and provides extra features like free server setup, different levels of packages, feature-rich M3 control panel, and much more.

#4 Buy Adult Porn Script

The next step is building your website. You can choose to go ahead with building your porntube site from scratch but be prepared to invest a lot of time and money into building one. Although building your own website does have its perks like total control, scalability, customizations, etc. it comes with a price of time and money. So, if you have the technical expertise and have a lot of moolah then you can choose to build your website.

I would recommend going ahead with a ready-made adult turnkey software. There are many options available in the market and after my research for the best one, I finally decided to go with xStreamer and after 18 months I’m pleased I chose xStreamer.

xStreamer just fit in so well in my plans. Let me show you how and why xStreamer was the best choice for an adult turnkey script.

  • Video player: xStreamer provides you with a sophisticated video player that can run most video extensions available in the market. It supports the bulk video upload that comes in real handy when you’re trying to upload multiple videos on your porntube site. Not only that, xStreamer also gives you the video grabber and embedder module, allowing me to grab multiple videos from popular video sites and embed them into my website with just a click.
  • Design: xStreamer provides an extremely responsive design framework that is compatible with any device like laptops, phones, tablets, etc. This means no matter what device a user is using, my website is as fast and responsive as it can be.
  • Scalability: xStreamer sites are horizontally scalable to manage an unprecedented high volume of traffic that an adult site can get. Also, the video streaming should have a dedicated server space so as to not overburden the website when huge traffic gets in.
  • Multi-lingual support: It’s easy to say that my website gets users from all around the world, but what’s the point if they can’t understand my native language and feel lost. xStreamer gives you the option to add multiple languages from the admin panel so that no user feels left out.
  • Payment processor: It is known by now that many payment processors don’t allow adult content to be transacted on their platforms. Few like CCbill, Epoch, DusPay, Epay, etc. are adult content friendly and can be customized into the xStreamer platform. xStreamer provides CCbill by default with their framework, but you can request for customization and they can add more payment processors.
  • Monetization – xStreamer offers multiple ways of minting money from your porntube site like subscriptions, merchandise store, ad space, premium videos, etc. xStreamer also allows pre-roll and post-roll video ads, in-video text ads, banner ads, through which you can just sit at home and earn a lot of money like me.

Not only these but xStreamer by Adent provides a lot of other ways to make money. You can go to their website and check out their demo to get a real experience.

#5 Make Adult Content

You can either create your own content through adult production houses by hiring models or you can embed videos from other popular porntube sites and use those videos to generate traffic on your website.

Remember to upload fresh videos on your website, people don’t want to see duplicate videos on all porntube sites. As you’re a niche-specific website, hire some models and shoot some new videos and upload them on your website. Then you can see the traffic gradually increasing on your website.

You will need to promote your website on various social media platforms that are adult-friendly. Such as Twitter, Tumblr, etc. to generate more and more traffic for your new porntube site. You can also promote on sites like Reddit by being part of the community.

So here was my brief take on how to start a porntube site using xStreamer. Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or suggestions. I’ll be more than pleased to answer them all. Till then, I wish you all the best with your website. Cheers.

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