I have a cunt ~ A short existential story

I feel myself stir as the gulls hovering above the house shriek the start of a new day on their way down to the shore.

Prematurely awakened from their siren I stretch my legs and push my shoulder blades back into the cushioned mattress. Then my hand automatically reaches down to sooth my cock. A morning ritual of mine. Just a little stroke and caress of the balls. A good start to the day.

Usually I can feel it grow and buoy at the thought of being touched. But today is different. A tingle shoots out from between my legs which immediately compels my hand to reach down to my sex and…

Odd. Am I cold? Where’d it go?

I can almost hear my heart pounding as my pulse rate quickens.  The inside of my mouth drys as I panic.

I grope around but just feel plump shaved skin where my cock should be. Not only that I have a bloody slit! It’s slippery too. I run my middle finger down to meet my hole thinking I must be dreaming.

A crow joins the gulls with their morning chorus and I shake my head and open my eyes. I’m awake and at home. That thought calms me slightly.

Removing my hand from my cunt – yes I have a cunt. I sniff my fingers. Smells of cunt too.

Turning my head I see a man laying on his side, back to me. Dark, course hair escaping from his bony shoulders and a birth mark on the top of his left forearm. That will be me – I am over there. My name is Dan and I have had that birth mark, well, since I was born. But today I woke up over here on the right side of the bed with a cunt, and, I quickly move my hand upward to my chest, no hair but two heavy breasts.

Wow. What a babe I am!

I flick at a nipple and a wave of arousal shoots right through my core. I need to be filled. From the outside in. My fingers trace the curve of my waist down to a slightly predominant hip bone and feels for the indent that leads to my mound and the root of my desire. Skin like silk beneath my finger tips.

A moan escapes me and in that moment Dan – or I should say, the me what was yesterday – turns and smiles. Goodness I’m handsome.

Without a word he pulls me towards him. One hand on my buttock, his mouth seeking a breast. I’m overwhelmed. Love and lust coat the top of my thighs as he confidently pushes two fingers inside me. My body takes over and I lay back.

Dan kneels between my legs and his cock meets my cunt and tears into the very heart of it. Briefly I am breathless. Then as my arms reach around his neck, pulling him closer – I surrender all that is me, to all that was me, and all that is him.

And in that moment of clarity I am complete. 😉

#421 ~ Surrender

28 thoughts on “I have a cunt ~ A short existential story”

  1. Dreams like that though disorienting at first are so hot. being the other sex and enjoying what my mind thinks how it would feel. I wake longing for more

  2. Oh wow May. This is so clever and I love the weird nature of it and the fact that they embrace what has happened as an adventure. The whole ‘Dan I was yesterday’ really worked for me and this story had a lot of appeal. Brilliant and so well written ?

  3. I heard a guy at work Say ‘if I was a woman I’d spend all day playing with my tits!’ So you’re on the right track here. I think the familiarity of The situation In which your character Finds them self Helps them to go with the flow’ – great tale

    1. It was difficult continuing if the guy/girl was too freaked so i kinda thought – live in the moment – and that was what i was putting across. But TBH Michael none of us want Angus to disappear! lol

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