I’ve always been a dreamer

I’ve always been a dreamer

Dreams, good and bad, are a complex thing for us to experience. Think about it. Similar to a whole other virtual life.

The dreamer dreams the dream

I have written about dreaming on my blog before talking about all sorts of things, including wet dreams.

I’ve always been a dreamer

Ever since I was young I have frequently listened to Take it to the Limit by The Eagles – just before I settle down for bed. It helps me relax. I am going to illustrate this post with some of the lyrics.

All alone at the end of the evening
And the bright lights have faded to blue


I have been known to have lucid dreams– this is when a person knows they are dreaming and have a certain amount of control within the dream. My lucid ventures would usually culminate with me dragging a complete stranger up an allay way and him fucking me senseless. What this tells you about me is another matter entirely. This type of activity is fun but quite tiring as part of your consciousness is involved.

Recurring nightmare

But the dreams I’ve seen lately keep on turning out
And burning out and turning out the same

As a child I had many nightmares. The worst involving some looming dark shadow. But one that recurred time and time again featured a massive mountain with a deep ditch all the way around it. Then, where I was walking, a narrow path that circled the mountain. If you slipped or was not careful you could fall into the never, never land between the mountain and the path. Occasionally this would happen and I would wake with a jolt. But along the path there were many doors and my job was to find the correct door. I have no idea what I was looking for and I can’t remember if I ever chose the right one. It seems it was preparing me in some way for life – and yes in reality I have often chosen the wrong door!

And you can’t find the door
Can’t find it anywhere

Dreams come true

It was also when I was a child that I began to have the odd dream that seemed to predict the future in some way. I think we all do this but perhaps simply forget what the dream was about. If you’re a vivid dreamer I really recommend a dream-journal. This means keeping a pad and pen by the bed and writing even in the middle of the night if need be. Occasionally they were upsetting and sometimes strange but always they had a pattern – the people in them looking pretty much like they do in real life and didn’t morph into anything else. And all the dream fixtures and fittings perfectly normal too.

Most of my other dreams are like sci-fi movies and people turning into all manner of different things. Or I am with dream people, or in dream places, – those that only ever appear in my dreams and I have never met or been to in real life. Does this happen in your dreams too? Maybe we know the same dream people?

You know I’ve always been a dreamer
Spent my life runnin’ ’round

But this post is really about the dreams about my Man.

After going our separate ways in 1997 he was often  on my mind. And I had a few dreams about him too.

We got back into contact 8 years ago .

Together in electric dreams

Then spent a summer of laughter and staring into each others eyes. It was an electric time for us both. Most nights I would dream about him. And almost as a sign when this period was coming to an end for us his presence disappeared from my night time visions. I never was one for long affairs, it tears me up inside as I have an inherent need for honesty. I wanted to share my life with him but still had to consider my children. Once again I walked away from him.

And it’s so hard to change
Can’t seem to settle down

I was dead inside for a while and again, as if reflecting this, I couldn’t remember my dreams. For a whole year we were not in any kind of contact and out of the blue one morning I woke up and nearly burst into tears. I’d had the most realistic dream about him.

It went like this.

Different strokes

And when you’re looking for your freedom
Nobody seems to care

In the dream I was free and needing to see him I went around to his flat. A stranger answered the door telling me that my man had moved to a different area. I took the address and set off immediately  scared that it would be the wrong place or he’d be angry with me for bailing out that second time. But no, he opened the door and flung his arms around me, holding me close. It was clear we were together as we ran out of the flat and across a field stopping to kiss. He was mine I was his. All was right in this world, apart from one niggle. Even though it was obviously him he looked different to when I’d last seen him, just slightly. As we sat down on a park bench I put my hand up and stroked his right cheek.

“You look different to before.”

He replied, “it’s just time has passed, life happens and makes changes.”

I awoke and felt bereft not to be with him. I wrote down the dream and hoped beyond hope that it would come true, because at this point in time I had no idea if we would ever manage our lives so that we could be together.

So put me on a highway and show me a sign
And take it to the limit one more time

Indeed, another year passed and we were in contact by phone now and then. Eventually we did become a couple.  So that bit came true.

When there’s nothing to believe in still you’re coming back
You’re running back, you’re coming back for more.

But what about the stroking of his right cheek in the dream?  Well, shortly after I had that dream he became infected with Lyme disease and was pretty depressed. But things became worse when the right side of his face dropped – facial palsy.  The muscles/nerves recovered somewhat but a little does remain changed. I have told him about that dream – we both agree it is one hell of a strange coincidence.

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14 thoughts on “I’ve always been a dreamer

  1. Dreams are such strange things, and (like that bit at the end) can be so powerful in really weird ways.

    I’m a vivid dreamer and remember many of them, but I’ve never kept a dream journal. I have had dreams that felt like deja vu when they happened years later. Small things — a woman in a purple business suit walking across the stage in my high school auditorium (I dreamt it in middle school, it happened in high school); seeing someone walk into or out of a building; random conversations that happen in a dream and then happen in real life. It’s never something that happens immediately after, but the memory of the dream floods back when it does. The first couple of times I thought I was losing my mind. It’s always random stuff — maybe my brain connecting dots from ephemeral information? Who knows. But yes, dreams have always fascinated me. Thankfully, most of them are good or at least not-bad dreams.

  2. I love this power you have, I know we’ve talked about these premonitions before. Your plan to note your dreams really pays off to illustrate that you saw what later happens. I am so happy for you that your dreams about getting together with your man came true, you seem such a well balanced match.

  3. Spooky alright.
    I don’t remember my dreams at all. To the point I’d say I don’t have dreams. But I know science tells us that’s not true, we all dream. Very very rarely I will have a nightmare, and it will feel awfully real. It will be so bad that I will tell myself “it’s just a dream, you’re dreaming, wake up!” – and I do.

  4. Strange – but I do think this is something we all do. It is just whether we open ourselves up or are open by emotion at the the time to understand what is going on and remember the dream! Write it down i say x

  5. Your part about dream people reminds me of the fact I read that our brains aren’t capable of of creating faces we’ve never seen before and manifesting it in our dreams. So we essentially dream about faces that are indeed unfamiliar to us but that we have seen at some point in passing in our lives. Of all the things I know about dreams for some reason this is information I find very unsettling! Apparently we can’t read or tell the time in our dreams either, which I have tried to do in my ‘aware nightmares’ and the clocks are always distorted, or I accidentally look away just as about to know the time and when I look back it’s changed. As for your premonition that gave me chills! Spooky but good stuff May x

    1. I know – my man has dream people too – and what you mention makes the whole prospect even weirder! I too try and read stuff in my dreams and am semi-successful – dreams are OUR crazy x

  6. Dreams are a strange phenomena. I do believe that they are partly down to the sub-conscious telling us something. Whether we are tuned in to listen or not is another matter.

    I used to get a lot of those deja vu moments, though I don’t recall them being terribly profound in the way you recall here, but then my imagination and dreams are not particularly visual.

    The lovely bit is that the good dream managed to become real xx

    1. Strange – but I do think this is something we all do. It is just whether we open ourselves up or are open by emotion at the the time to understand what is going on and remember the dream! Write it down i say x

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