The one where Jane wears a corset ~ Flash Part 11

The one where Jane wears a corset ~ Flash Part 11

Check out all the other episodes here. Each is below 500 words. But in a nut shell here’s what has happened so far…

Previously... Gen left her friend’s pyjama party on a dare to visit the unknown Mr Roberts across the road. However, her mates don’t realise that he and Gen know each other from ten years ago. She disappeared inside his house to meet Mr Robert’s gorgeous grandson. After a few G & Ts the three of them begin a strip card game. And advance to all being topless – with Gen and Jacob sitting in their knickers and boxers.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. While Mr Roberts answered the door to Gen’s two friends, Jacob and her make their get away up the stairs and end up getting passionate on the bed. While Jacob’s cock is smaller than the average pecker he is more than happy to please Gen by wearing her panties and putting his tongue to good use! Just after Gen lays back satiated there is a knock on the door. The others. She tells them she will be down soon and to send Anne for gin. Mr Roberts seems more than happy that he is to have Jane to himself.

Jane wears a Corset

Jacob held the back of my head while he shot his jizz down my throat. I swallowed in one gulp and can’t say it tasted of anything. After, he lent me a dressing gown to wear while he pulled jeans on over the top of my panties. He really was turning out to be my kind of guy.

“Shall we join the other two for a sherry, then?” Jacob smiled and opened his bedroom door.

Immediately, I heard Janes’s very obvious giggle and, “Mr Roberts, you are a devil.” Another giggle.

“Jane. I think we know each other well enough for you to call me Tarzan.” Loud laughter, “just kidding, but no more Mr Roberts, call me Don.”

Intrigued, I took the stairs in double quick time and certainly was not prepared for the sight waiting for me…

My Roberts’ eyes were twinkling as he handed Jane a sherry. She was standing by the fireplace still with her pyjama bottoms on but instead of her flannelette shirt she was wearing a vintage corset. And looking rather fine, too. Her bosom flesh was attractively on display, and the lingerie showed of her neat waist beautifully.

“What’s been going on here then, Granddad.” Jacob asked, trying to disguise a rather large grin.

“Well, the girls were not interested in the strip card game the three of us had been enjoying, so, I suggested a swap clothes game instead and got out the old school drama club’s wardrobe bits and pieces. When a game is lost you have to swap an item of clothing. Simple as that. Jane here looks wonderful in a 1970s corset, doesn’t she?”

We both nodded. Speechless. What a cheeky old goat he was.

Mr Roberts retired to the sofa and called Jane over.

“I’m saving a spot for you Jane.”

“On my way Don.” She grabbed her glass from the mantelpiece and joined him.

Jacob held up the sherry bottle and a liqueur glass, head cocked to one side and a questioning look in his eyes.

I shook my head, “I’m in need of something a good deal stronger, Jacob. I think I’ll wait for the Gin to arrive. Any nibbles?”

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18 thoughts on “The one where Jane wears a corset ~ Flash Part 11

  1. This was not what I expected from the title, although of course Jane is wearing a corset. I love Mr Roberts playing Tarzan to her Jane – he is (as Mrs Fever said) having the night of his life, and the knowledge of him being in Drama club … lots of rope to “swing” from.
    (look at me Pons – I punned!)

  2. Haha. Gen isn’t the only one who knows how.t9 have fun. Seems Jane has a couple tricks up her sleeve (corset?) too. and Mr. Roberts… what a cheeky guy;)

  3. Oh look at this twist… Mr. Roberts… er… Don… he definitely knows how to party. Looking forward to see what other tricks he has up his sleeve 😉
    ~ Marie xox

  4. I have missed some parts so need to go back but your characterization is always so on point. It’s amazing how you do that in so few works. A real skill! Missy x

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