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January 2019 ~ Blogging Summary & SoSS

Well January for me is a great start to the year. It is when we take our annual holiday – as you can see from the header photo.

I have been under the shadow ban of the Twitter gods for over three months now. I do understand when people say why not enjoy tweeting anything I want to, as what harm can it do. But what is the point? It will not attract anybody new as only my followers will see.

My January 2019 Blogging Summary

Images on my blog

For January 2019, my most viewed photo was Dressed and Ready for Dick-tation.  My personal favourite is Pendant. Floss included it in her sharing post recently. Here they both are. Click to enlarge.

Writing on my blog

My most read post was a very personal one Before and After. About different segments in my life.

The travelling experience makes me realise I may try and conform in life but I will always be happier living in an alternative universe, whatever that may entail.

I enjoyed writing a flash fiction story called PJ’s Horseshoe and very pleased when Marie chose it as a favourite of hers too.

That evening we missed the riding and holding her up against the saddle rack I yanked her jodhpurs down and we fucked, animals, like it was the last time.

Writing elsewhere

During January 2019 I wrote a true-life sexy tale for Cara Sutra all about some holiday sex with my man that had an embarrassing element to it.

I was also very happy to have a second story published by Bellesa. Quite a surreal tale all about a man who suddenly finds he has the ability to see auras.

Projects to Share January 2019 SoSS

This month I want to share two projects with you and within those project some other shares.

First ~ Sex Bloggers for Mental Health

Click to go to site

Cat has been building up to creating a site for this for a little while. I chatted to her about it and I think it gave her the nudge she needed. Now the site has been up and running for nearly a month. I’ve helped a little with some of the admin and topics to write about.

Cat says

I found that being a sex blogger wasn’t fully accepted in the mental health blogging community so I decided to create something that would combine the two communities. I knew that there were other sex bloggers like me because I had read some posts in which they shared that their mental health symptoms affected their sex life.

The weekly meme & resources
  • Each Monday – MentalHealthMonday – there is a question bloggers can write about and link their posts to. Make sure you include the site badge within your post.  Future topics are listed too.
  • There is also a growing resource page which includes articles written by bloggers about mental health topics – these will be made up of posts that contain pertinent information to help others. Many thanks to Marie, Missy, Bellesa collective and Kilted Wookie for contributions. If you have any suggestions for this page please let one of us know.
A few of the MentalHealthMonday SB4MH entries this month

I have been reading all the entries over the last three weeks and was very impressed with them. Among my favourites were –

  • Brigit writing about her depression – This is of course beautifully written and I can almost feel her angst in wondering when the monster will strike again
  • Floss’s post about anxiety – Who would have ever thought that someone as dynamic as Floss would suffer from this. Her post really resonated with me as I have a daughter who has had similar struggles.
  • Julie wrote this week about how even during her hospital visits she has managed to laugh. I am so pleased for her that the radiotherapy is over now.

Second ~ The SafeworD’s Club

Click to check out site

This is run by Missy and His Lordship. I met them both last year at Eroticon and have followed their individual blogs ever since. They had chatted to me about The SafeWord’s club but I just never seemed to find the time to delve in, until recently.

  • The SafeworD’s club is an online forum, a meeting place for people who are living or exploring a D/s dynamic. I visited recently and received a lovely welcome and learned a lot. I definitely want to return as have ideas I want to explore that I think the forum may be able to help me with. During the chat relivant posts are shared and meme’s supported.
  • There is also a blog attached with posts providing information or personal stories.
  • The SafeworD’s club has an exciting new meme – Tell Me About.  It is due to start next week. Future topics can be found on the site for planning.

I was quite surprised when I noticed how many promising new bloggers have sprung up in the community, initially encouraged to blog by Missy, His Lordship and the SafeworD’s Club.

Here are the ones I know of.

  • Kisungura – has really made an impact on many of the memes with her writing and images.
  • Sweetgirl – has been going for just over a year and uses her site as a journal of her life. Very honest posts and some great images.
  • Purple’s Gem  – Are a couple. I have shared some of their work already on Twitter and am excited to see what they do with their blog over the coming year. I have been particularly impressed with their photography. A favourite of mine was featured in a recent sinful Sunday round-up but I was also taken very much by this one in the same post –
Copyright @PurplesGem1

and this image speaks for itself…

Copyright @PurplesGem1

January 2019 Extras

The fantastic February PhotoFest– organised and run by Molly – begins tomorrow. So it is not too late to think about joining in.  I use my subdomain to host my daily photos for the project. You can find my images from last year there too.

The Smut Marathon has started for 2019. I am not in it this year but I do know how hard Marie and the contestants work so please support them by reading their work and promoting on Twitter.  You can find my posts about last year’s smut marathon here.


11 thoughts on “January 2019 ~ Blogging Summary & SoSS”

  1. Great share May – I like seeing your work in diverse places, you seserve recognition and a more widespread audience. You are supporting some great memes here, particularly the mental health one, I shall take a look at that later today. Good theme for an SoSS post. x

  2. A great post May. I particularly enjoyed reading about mental health. You’re so generous. Your warmth, love and encouragement for so many good people shines through. xx

    1. A community is a wonderful thing and I enjoy sharing good work and worthwhile projects, thanks for commenting CP xx

  3. Nice to see you get credit due for your writing, May. That was a good story. Looking forward to more. Someday a More Anthology. I want a signed copy.

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