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January 2020 Summary & #SoSS

Compared to recent years January has been very mild weather wise. I travel a lot to do with work and was happy the good road conditions meant the journeys were not too stressful.

Though I have had a touch of SAD on occasions. However, reasons to be cheerful, the days are already getting longer and lighter.

My January 2020 Blogging Summary

Life Matters ~ Food Matters Meme

Earlier this month I started an ad-hoc resource based meme called Life Matters. You can read all about it here but basically it will consist of a few topics that are close to my heart. Each will run for a month and be split into four parts. Also I thought it would be nice to have a break between  ideas.

The first idea is Food.

Last week was all about problems food can cause. There were some very serious issues raised and some great articles linked up which will provide fabulous support for others.

I told my daughters food problem  story.

This week is Foods that Heal. Ways we eat to stay healthy really. You are welcome to link up with old and new posts. And if relevant to the topic you can add more than one article.

Also I’d like to mention that Julie has been very busy and has set up another great blog all about food and fitness.

Writing on my blog

  • The most popular post over the month was my 2019 stats post. I think it received so many views because I also included a collage of my nine most popular images from the year.
  • A reflective post about pain and intimacy also received a lot of views.
  • My true life sex tales in get the most traffic. Three Times a Woman is ficionalised (part fact/part fiction) story. It was only published this past week but the views are rising fast. It is about when my man and I first got kinky together quite a few years ago.
  • And I really enjoyed writing this dirty little – office sex – flash a few weeks ago. Asrai has kindly shared it on reddit.


By far the most popular of my images was a reflection of me and my man – shown in the glass windows of some patio doors. There is a lot to see in this image.

Followed by this photo – matching lingerie – the knicker fairy sent this gorgeous set to me. And I think you would agree that Elliot Henry would look lovely in a fairy’s tutu.

In case you are wondering I am leaning on some wooden logs outside. The temperature was about 3 degrees!

The header shot of this post, above, is of me indoors in the same bra. The image  proved very popular on Twitter.

Work for Others

Every month since I started earning money on my blog – just over a year ago – I have added two entries at this point.  This month I only have one to tell you about. However, I do have a few others that were commissioned and paid for and they will be coming out over the next few months.

I was thrilled to write a story for Aphrodite Tantric Massage in London. It is a mysterious little tale all about a guy who receives a rather magical massage. It was actually my 4th most popular post over the month.

January 2020 Sharing SoSS


These two fabulous images are both from January 2020. I have permission to share them right here.

First, how did this shot of Isabelle Lauren not end up in the Sinful Sunday roundup? It is hot as fuck, IMO.


And Isabelle has an erotic historic novel on sale right now.

As soon as I saw this image on Twitter I wanted it here!. This is the hot and sexy A Man Called Alice looking incredible.

My man has his own blog and participated in his first Sinful Sunday last week with an image of me. When I first saw this image I wasn’t not sure about it and decided not to use it on my blog, but he he loves it. Looking at it now I can see that for many reasons it is quite a clever shot.

And last on the image share, check out this post from Vanilla Free Sex. She includes some past images of herself that are fantastic and the narrative is pretty good too.

Writing Share ~ Non-Fiction

Writing Share ~ Fiction

  • I love it when Cousin Pons writes. I think it is Christmas. This story is beautiful and is told in CP’s unique style.
  • Elliott has been writing a serious of hilarious erotic stories using other bloggers names as the characters. Here is the first but there are others that follow.
  • I try and write clever fiction so I love it when I read a clever story. This one will not disappoint you and the image that goes with it is superb – by Molly Moore, of course.
  • I often say in my F4Thought post that we are happy to accept fiction or poems if they stick to the prompt. Well here is a beautiful flash of prose from Cal.

Other Stuff

Smut Marathon

It was wonderful that Marie achieved so many links to Wicked Wednesday’s #400 week. It is such a brilliant meme run by a amazing blogger. Who incidentally also organises the Smut Marathon.  This competition has just started and as I am judge this year I  feel very excited to read all the entries.

Melody’s January 2020 #SB4MH pick of the posts.
Melody ~ It’s been a good start to 2020 on #SB4MH, beginning with topics on priorities and balancing needs.  This time of year is one that’s often used to re-evaluate our priorities as the holidays can sometimes have us focusing on what’s wrong and needs to be fixed.  For quite a few this time of year is made worse by the presence of SAD and there have been some great posts interleaving these first two topics.
#SB4MH has included some guest posts this month to kick off a fresh topic.  Dissociation had two, from MlSlavePuppet and from DeviantSuccubus.  And as ever you bloggers continue to provide wonderfully varied views and discussions on difficult topics.
Posy Churchgate also provided a guest post – mentioned above – and added her support to the Samaritans BrewMonday campaign. 
This months spotlight is a post that touches on themes I’ve often thought deeply about.  Violet Grey‘s post ‘Crisis of Faith‘ set me thinking, again…

That’s all folks from January 2020. If you like my work why not buy me a coffee?


12 thoughts on “January 2020 Summary & #SoSS”

  1. So many good works here May. Both writing and photographs. The highlight for me was your piece on you daughter’s eating disorder. And thanks, of course, for mentioning my story. xx

  2. All good stuff. Congrats on kicking off your meme. 2020 is off to a great start for you. You are doing a wonderful job with all of it 🙂
    Much love

  3. If Mr Henry is the Knicker Fairy, he should have a tutu AND fairy wings.

    And a wand. But instead of a star on the top of the wand, there should be a bra.

    Also, I think garters and stockings would work best under the tutu. Just.. Y’know… To keep the theme and all. 😉

    (And wouldn’t THAT make a fabulous Sinful Sunday photo!) 😛

  4. Hey May – love this round-up. You’re post about your daughter’s food issues was an educational read, if uncomfortable to read for a fellow mother.
    I want to take the time to read all the posts you’ve linked, but I particularly want to thank you & melody for hilighting the guest post I wrote for #sb4MH. I hope it helps because I think it is an important topic – we all have an inner voice and it needs re-training to be nice!

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