January Summary & SoSS

January Summary & SoSS

January is often a bleak month. In the world that we work in it is also a month where we are not hired. Luckily, we have had a little winter sunshine in the Algarve, staying  with a friend.

I have enjoyed being outside very much and have neglected my usual smut reading but done just enough to know what has had an impact on me.

First though, I want to reflect on my month of blogging.


I can’t tell you how happy I was when Whispered Obscenities, a post from last month, was one of Molly’s picks in the latest E lust Magazine. I haven’t really written much fiction, well this has to be classed as half fiction, half fact. But it flowed from my mind and to me had a very sensual feel to it.

I felt a little dazed as I could smell him. Not an aftershave or cologne, him. I could smell his body, his sex, his love of life and women. My heart involuntarily beat faster.”


This month I wrote a two part – completely – fictional series: Eloise. I was inspired by this photo which appeared as Kayla Lords Masturbation Monday prompt. The photo is an extremely graphic one of Elliott Henry –

Copy-write @ElliottHenry5


To do it justice I decided to write from the male perspective, so I had the cock!.And I so enjoyed imagining that this was the case. I was very pleased when Eloise part one received several SoSS mentions – notably from Molly Moore and Scanderella.

My SoSS post about ropes was widely picked up on twitter and I am still adding to the feed.

I had fun participating in the very first Art Twist from Indie – where my entry was seen as,

a glorious pastiche of a newspaper report

The link is now open for the second Art Twist. I would recommend you take a look.


Passions Trance – my last published photo from the moors series, was picked in the Sinful Sunday top 5 by Modesty.

At this point I just want to say how this woman makes my day every weekend with her images. She has an incredible seance of humour and also writes exceedingly well. I expect you have seen her blog, but if not it is so so worth a visit.

The image below was used as the Masturbation Monday prompt and Nero also used it in one of his posts.


I like it for various reasons, my man is there and my bum looks good 😉 Love the stuff I am wearing and its a mirror shot.

Now on to my January favourites for SoSS

Janauary Fiction

Right at the beginning of the month Cousin Pons wrote – A late Replacement. If you have not read it then why not? It is such a fantastic piece of writing, amusing, touching and written in his unique style.

She was quickly down to her brassiere, suspender belt, nylon stockings and knickers. It was only then that she took off her beret.”


Briget blew me away with this heartfelt and extremely personal account of her relationship. If only we all put in as much effort and communication into our relationships.

I don’t know for sure if we will make it. I hope that we do, because I love him. But, I also realize that when two people are involved, there are variables that one person does not have control over.”

January Review

At least once a month I want to include a review in my SoSS. I have to say I do not read many but would like to delve further into that world. I am starting with this from the gorgeous LSB – It is a well written lingerie review that is very detailed and also includes how the garment faired after being washed.The product looks goorgeous.

January Image

I just adored this shot from the moment I saw it. The delectable Sexton Beetle has featured in one of my guest posts and Missy is, as you can see, is gorgeous. In this photo I see everything that is right about a man really holding his woman.

Copy-write @mistress34F


Scanderellas story – The scent of a Woman – as well as it being a damn hot tale it really had a personal  impact on me this month. I often suffer from lets say trust issues and reading it really hit home to me that sometimes we need to be careful how we behave, for our own self esteem and the good of our relationship.

Still, I won’t let either of you see how angry you’ve made me. My happy expression? There’s no way will you guess that it’s faux. I accept the cocktail our neighbour offers me with a grin.”


6 thoughts on “January Summary & SoSS

  1. A wonderful and very impressive round up May. I am just so be happy to be here amongst all these experienced writers. The story you chose of mine is one of my favourites. Thank you. CP xx

  2. Awww…thank you! Confessional writing is hard but necessary, and I am always happy when people enjoy what I am producing. It is not always fun to read or write it, but it is healing. Thanks for the shout out!

  3. A well rounded round-up, May. Thank you for including me, it’s a nice feeling to know I inspired someone to write such a unique story. If I had not known, I would have guessed a male wrote that story.

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