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July 2019 ~ Blogging Summary & #SoSS

July started well…

and clearly there was no more need for jumpers in June. But I received some stressful family news partway through the month. It left me feeling winded and extremely tired. Consequently July 2019 has not been a bed of roses.

Even though I have still managed to put posts out during the last few weeks, up until now, they were actually written at the beginning of the month or did not involve words from me.

I’d like to thank all of you who sent me good wishes.

My July 2019 Blogging Summary

Writing on my blog

  • My most viewed older post was a real life tale about my man going commando. I am not sure why this story suddenly gained popularity but am happy to have any of my work viewed.
  • From the work I have produced this month I had a run away success with a short romantic tale about love in the dunes. It was heavily inspired by the image prompt from the lovely Tom. So many thanks to her. Lots of bloggers got on board and shared the story and it was also chosen in the top three round up on Masturbation Monday. I was very happy 😉
  • I also published the first three parts to a short series I am writing about a girl in a cage!
  • On the non-fiction front I was pleased with the response I got when discussing my past betrayals. I am nothing if not honest.

Images on my Blog

I had bit of a victory this month where images were concerned. I have mentioned before how Sinful Sunday has been a big part of me growing as a blogger. Well, I have been lucky enough to have ended up in the top five for the meme several times. But never when Molly chooses on prompt week. Unless you count two of my guest SS posts that made it to the round up, but not me. But yes – I finally did it. Yay – this diptych was taken by me on my phone and I’m very proud of it.

Not only that I made a second sinful Sunday roundup this month with this older shot. An extreme close up but quite powerful I think.

Work for Others.

  • I wrote an extremely informal and hot review for Svakom. They asked me to review the Siren – and well, I did. I wouldn’t miss it. My reviews can be quite unique, and include some great images too. Like this one.

July 2019 Sharing SoSS

Images SoSS

  • I’d like to thank Muse Dreamer for letting us host her gorgeous and sexy photos on the Food for Thought site – #f4tfriday.
  • This image from Molly Moore is glorious. The colours are so vibrant and she looks as if she belongs right where she is standing.
  • Marie blew me away with these amazing shifting focus shots. She is really learning how to use her camera.
  • Little Switch Bitch is known for her sexy photos. As soon as I saw this I fell in love with it. The edit makes her skin look special and different. Which I am sure it is.
  • Posy’s selfies get sexier as the weeks go by. Fantastic lingerie in this image, plus a little teasing tale.
  • What can I say about PS and Gem? they keep delivering simply amazing photos. Take a look…

Sharing the other stuff

I have viewed loads of great written content during July 2019. Here are some of my favourites.

Techy bits
Difficult times

A lot of posts I read this month confirmed that it’s not just me going through difficult times. Here we go with sharing some brave writing…

  • Starting with Molly and Michael. It is probably best to read both of their article to get a feel of how they are trying to breath through troubles and changes. Michael writes about being a Dom without a D, Molly goes on to discuss their relationship and the complicated issues they have been looking at.
  • Coincidentally Eye tackles a topic that Michael has touched on above,  in her own hard hitting post.
  • Kayla is human. I know she is a powerhouse too but have a read of this post all about how her feelings sometimes get complicated – and rightfully so.
  • Another couple now. Deviant Succabus and Musings Master. Both of them discuss in detail Dissociative Identity Disorder and how it effects their relationship.
  • Melody bought tears to my eyes with this double post from the end of last month.
  • El Byrne really got me thinking and reminiscing with her thought provoking article about wanting children.
  • For SB4MH – This post by J.Lynn about her son really tugged at my heart strings – particularly this month.  Melody reads all the Mental Health Monday entries and agreed it was a special post saying…

    This is a very touching post. An innocent mind that has his own unique way of looking at the world. The setting is one so familiar as a parent / child activity and this makes the son’s reactions stand out as being different. The tears at the world being imperfect are like a gift. And when he reconciles with the cupcakes not being perfect, it’s a little victory that he may want to try again.

Sexy /dirty writing.
  • Musings Master has wowed me a couple of times this month with his brilliant writing. Here is one to be going on with. Tread carefully – sadism.
  • Cousin Pons did very well in the last round of the Smut Marathon. His entry was dirty and dingy. Right up my street 😉
  • Sometimes when I am reading flash erotica I find myself thinking no body does it quite like Violet. Have a read of Laid Bare.
  • Normally you would expect Tom to be in my image section. After all not many put out sexier photos than her. But I found this little writing gem the other day. More please Tom 😉

That is all for this month – please check out the links and let the writers know you have enjoyed their work 😉

Aug 1st #soss Summary

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6 thoughts on “July 2019 ~ Blogging Summary & #SoSS”

    1. u should be – when i saw them i was kinda thinking well- that’s my little bathroom shots out the window – but we both were in Molly’s round up xx

  1. Thanks for this post May – with your diverse reading and browsing of blogs you have hi-lighted many links I have overlooked.

    I am impressed that, despite your upsetting news, your blogging and admin has carried on seamlessly – quite a feat, well done.

    You have given back so much to the blogging community with how you support, promote and inspire people. You’re truly a blogging champion.

    1. This is the first new post I have written. Bars 3 was already in the bag as was the start of the great pretender. The bars inspiration post and my selfie post needed no real writing from me – surprising how handy posts like that can be 😉

  2. Thank you for including my piece and Michael’s. It has been a fairly meh year for me in many way so far but I am hopefully this last 3rd will be much better


  3. Thank you May for the inclusion of a piece that was hard to hit the ‘publish’ button. I’m glad I did because the reaction of you and others made it very worthwhile.

    J Lynn’s post for #SB4MH was special in showing how her child sees the world differently. I hope people go read it, so I won’t add any spoilers.

    I found the dual posts from DeviantSuccubus and Musings Master to be an exceptional insight into something extremely complex.

    I know you’ve had your difficulties, so thank you for continuing to support the community in the way you do and I’ll send more of my best wishes ?

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