Jumpers in June

Jumpers in June

Can you believe this dreadful June weather most of us seem to be having?

There is literally nothing for it but to get out your winter woollies.

Jumpers in June
jumpers in june may more
Jumpers in June

I entered this fab Lingerie meme a couple of times in February. The posts were on my other site which had to be deleted due to infected files. But you can view them here in my PhotoFest gallery – day 14 and day 28.

Last weeks Sinful Sunday

There were some great shots for Sinful Sunday last week but this one was my clear favourite.

I took this image especially for Lingerie is For Everyone and Sinful Sunday… Check out the other images by clicking on the badges below.


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Sinful Sunday
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38 thoughts on “Jumpers in June

  1. I have to admit to having worn jumpers far to often recently. But hoping that they can stay in the cupboard till winter now! You wear yours very well by the way.

  2. Oh you gorgeous sexy woman, you wear a jumper like no-one else does (though you seem to be losing your knickers?) What a fabulous image.

  3. It has been a terrible June weather-wise, but it suddenly got hotter! Love the glimpse at your beautiful body in this pic – delicious.

  4. I am sitting here in my favourite oversized jumper that I usually live in during the winter. It should be firmly tucked away in the wardrobe this time of year. To say I am unhappy about this would be an understatement. Although you have inspired me to try and take some pictures in it


    1. I know – like u I want the sun. Days of being in jumpers and wellies and not feeling sexy led to this image. I just got dressed the other morning and thought I can be sexy in this jumper lol x

  5. I love this picture! The slouchiness of the jumper is so sexy and I love how daring you are with the undies halfway down. Absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Fabulously sexy May. There’s something about woollens on naked flesh that I find very arousing. A cashmere cardigan is liable to tip me over the edge. xx

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