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June 2019 ~ Blogging Summary & #SoSS

June has been a challenging blogging month. Let me explain…

On the 31st May, Floss and I took over the Food for Thought meme. This means I am now juggling more balls! My blog, a bit of paid work, the admin for sex bloggers for mental health and now co-hosting a weekly meme. I think I am managing. There is a saying – if you want something done ask the busiest person in the room. Not that I think I’m the busiest in our community by along way – some of the multiple meme hosts do such an incredible job they take my breath away.

My June 2019 Blogging Summary

Writing on my blog

My most viewed post during June 2019 was all about Jumpers in June.  The photo was also chosen in the top three for the meme Lingerie is for Everyone and popped up in a few sharing posts.

I loved writing two particular fiction pieces –

  • Twisted, into the Woods was a challenging story for me to pen as I wrote it in the 3rd person which puts me out of my comfort zone. The subject matter was also somewhat challenging too.
  • Fantastic Fantasy fiction is a very hot tale about a fantasy of mine. And if you choose to read remember it is a fantasy not something that I want to be a reality.

I wrote this for my prompt of a Near Miss on Food for Thought Friday and it also was chosen in the Wicked Wednesday top three round up – which I was very chuffed about.  It is an emotional read and certainly made me relive a few harrowing moments from my past.

I really liked this sponsored post from Arousr looking at how sexting may damage a relationship.

Images on my Blog

This image proved popular on Twitter and was chosen in the Sinful Sunday round up.


I particularly like the waymy photo – Bound – turned out and hope to join it to some others to create a story board.

Writing Elsewhere

In my summary last month I told you about some blogging security issues and malware problems. It resulted in me having to delete my projects sub-domian. Harsh. Wanting good to come out of bad I thought people can learn from my mistake so I wrote an article about what happened. And I knew the best place for me to publish this post was the SmutLancer. Kayla kindly hosted it and you can read all about it!

I have so much fun writing a story to a Frolic Me movie. My latest is called – Tasty Treat -and  really put me into characterisation mode as I wrote the run up to the films blow job scene. If you don’t already have free story membership then sign up here.

June 2019 Sharing SoSS

I am going to start with the photos…

Images SoSS

Here we go with one of my favourites of the month from J.Lynn. I adore how vibrant this shot is.


And this one from Kayla is awesome. The angle and the sight we can feast upon. Go see!

Sharing Bloggers rather than posts

Sharing #sb4m5 and #f4tfriday

Being involved in both of these memes is so worthwhile and I want to thank all who have entered.

When Cat introduced the latest mental health post she said –

Can I ask you something? Do you have blogger friends who have shared a mental health post but have not linked up here? Can you ask them to share their post here?

Remember Sex Bloggers for Mental Health is for ALL sex bloggers. It’s so that we learn from each other, share in each other’s experiences and most importantly so that we don’t feel alone in our illness.

Please join us  😉

I want to start here with Swirly.  She has continued to support Sex Bloggers for Mental Health. Her posts are often difficult to read, come with warnings, but sometimes it is important to delve in and learn from others.

Next  a big shout out to Sweetgirl. IMO she has upped her game over on her blog. I’ve been so impressed with her latest work. I think you should pop on over and check them out.

Floss is a great partner in crime for me to work with on the F4t meme- so I just wanted to say a big thank you to her.

If you want to join in with F4tFriday and you don’t have a blog or for personal reasons would rather your work is featured else where, then we are more than happy to host your entry on the actual F4thought site. At this point I’d like to say thank you to Woode for letting us publish a couple of his entertaining stories over the last few weeks.

New Bloggers

I’ve noticed so many excellent new sex bloggers who have been posting for less than a year. Here are some of my favourites. I really recommend you have a read of their posts and follow them. They are producing great work.

Shining my spotlight on ~

That is all from this month – remember it takes time and coffee to create this content 😉

11 thoughts on “June 2019 ~ Blogging Summary & #SoSS”

  1. Thank you for including me! This is a great month in review and your list of new bloggers introduced me to a couple that I did not know already.

    Also – you and Floss and doing a TERRIFIC job with the food for thought prompt! Thanks for all you do to connect and support bloggers.

  2. Wonderful round-up May, absolutely choc full of links and signposts to great content, your own and other stellar bloggers. It is so easy for us to miss good posts so I rely on peoples #SoSS posts to help me catch up with things I’ve overlooked or other’s I haven’t even come across yet. I shall be checking out what you have suggested.

  3. Thank you so very much May! I’m quite flattered to be included in your post. I know I’m not the only one thinking “what on Earth am I doing”, all of these newer bloggers are definitely worth checking out! So many different viewpoints and many gorgeous images!

    1. I think that is the great thing about being new – u can really work out what u want to put across – find your footing – but all u guys are already putting out great work 😉

  4. Thank you for your compliment and shout out…. I often think I’m just babbling… ☺️

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