June ~ My Blogging Summary and SoSS

June ~ My Blogging Summary and SoSS

Flaming June is very much living up to its name here in the UK. For me, it is actually a little too warm but i do appreciate the extra light and long days. Makes for a More productive May. (A pun there for Cousin Pons).

According to my statistics, by far the most popular read for you guys in June was my masturbation post – averaging out at about 150 views a week. Must be the real-life office masturbation scene that caught the readers imagination.

At the start of June I began a new fictional series. Originally I had planned it would last for about 4 parts – well that’s as far as I have got and I am only about halfway through.  It is slightly taboo and I decided to write it after attending a great lecture at Eroticon about Taboo Writing.

And that is the theme of this months summary sharing post. Take a look at what I have been impressed with reading, on this theme, in June.

Writing ~ Taboo and Coping with Adversity


Reading some non-fiction posts where the writer has suffered a real-life adverse event can often feel slightly taboo as well.

This month I wrote this one regarding reasons why my enjoyment of receiving oral sex has been a bit of a journey.  I have worked past the adversity thankfully. 

We are all dealt a hand in life and I honestly have actively tried not to let it ruin mine. Time is precious and life is a gift.

One thing I am enjoying is the Summer 100 challenge. Here are some fellow bloggers involved in it have also not let a bad situations define them.

  • Zara writes about how she has navigated her way past sexual assaults and religion to find sexual pleasure –

All of those experiences and other sexual and non sexual assaults and trauma affected me… While I feel sad it took until my later years to learn to enjoy myself, I am learning more about my body and what I like all the time and as I learn sometimes things change and I have to learn all over again.

  • Meg tells us about a heartbreaking experience she has gone through – a house fire and how she is finally coming out the other side-

Getting back to actually enjoying myself took time. Because healing takes time. Everyone heals at their own rate. It took me almost 7 months. Where others might take less or more.

  • Ani writes about her chronic depression and how she has now realised how important prioritising in one’s life is-

I have major depressive disorder, the chronic kind… But in January, as I reckoned with the competing demands on my time, I had to make a choice: my sanity, or my pride.

  • S.land talks about how life can be difficult and how she has become more resilient because of obstacles- 

Life is not a Fairy Tale… My situation doesn’t define me. I’m one of the strongest and determined women there is.


My slightly taboo series – The Curse – has been so much fun to write. The characters are evolving as I write-

Then, I inserted fingers, as she moaned loudly wriggling her pussy against my hand. Withdrawing I put my thumb to my mouth, savouring the menstrual blood smell and flavour.

  • When I read this by Molly I was immediately taken with her idea and the fact she had written it –

She had tried hinting about her preferences in her profile but had found that to be fairly unsuccessful so had eventually changed it to say clearly that she was only interested in men of colour or as she liked to call it, Black meat.

  • Cara blew me away with this fictional short – it is not erotic but is hard hitting-

He was bloodless lips and sharp teeth, his eyes soulless as they met hers.

  • Another very short tale that not only impressed me but my man too, is from Jor

Familiar lips around my knob give silent salvation.

  • Ella always tests the boundaries in her writing and as uncomfortable as this made me feel I thought it was brilliant-

You want to fuck me, don’t you? Hateful piece of shit, you’ve brought your teeny penis to me because nobody else wants it. Nobody wants you because you’re disgusting. Fat, powerless, stupid.

  • Marie’s also deals somewhat with humiliation and age. Again this made me a little uncomfortable but praise be for writing that can do that-

pushed his boxers down and push his hard cock deep into Penny’s cunt, despite the fact that she was still almost dry. He fucked her hard and emptied his balls deep inside her.

  • The last post I am sharing with a slightly taboo theme is non-fiction from Miss Scarlett– Very interesting read –

So, back to the reasons I decided to sell my used knickers. I have learned that the scent of my pussy is not repulsive. And buying used knickers is a big fetish for guys.

June Images

My most popular image this month from my blog was this surreal photo-

best friend

I am going to leave you with a treat as  the one I want to share with you is my favourite image of June from the gorgeous Jo

My favourite image from June – Copyright  -Teachers have sex 2018





8 thoughts on “June ~ My Blogging Summary and SoSS

  1. Thank you so much for picking my story, especially one that made people a bit uncomfortable 🙂

    Rebel xox

    1. My pleasure – thats what the post was all about – writing stuff that is a little taboo – and if we write surely we are after a reaction from the reader 😉 x

  2. A great round up May covering a wide range of topics. I have just caught up with some of the excellent posts you mentioned. Your pun was very much appreciated. Keep them coming! CPxx

  3. Well May, you made June a special month for me. Not only did I write an Eroshort in Dutch for each day, but you also highlighted the one I translated in English. It stimulates me to translate some of the others.

    Thank you,


  4. I am so glad you picked that story. I was really quite pleased with it in the end and enjoyed writing something that was taboo


    1. has been one from this month i could not forget, molly, as a say i like things that are taboo, or make me think, even if they make me uncomfortable – thats good -that is the power of writing x

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