Going Commando ~ Kinky free balling

Going Commando ~ Kinky free balling

Going Commando

The first memory I have of my man going commando (free balling) was back in 1997. We had met the previous evening and slept together. The next morning after some amount of reciprocal sexual activity he had to go off to work. After returning from the bath room he began to get dressed. He pulled his jeans straight on without any underwear. Zipping up the flies he said,

โ€œCan I have your number or do you want to keep your anonymity.โ€

Desperate to sound cool I declined to give him my number.

Commando Questions


I didn’t get the chance to sample him again for another 7 weeks at which time I spent the weekend with him. Mostly naked, but then there was a rap on the door. He rushed to pull on his jeans. Once again no underwear was on the scene.

As I began to spend more time with him I asked him why he consistently went commando. He replied that when he left home at 17 and moved some 500 miles to London he discovered that not only did a person have to learn how to cook but there was also the hassle of clothes washing too. One less item seemed to be the way to go. Once settled with washing facilities he simply did not like the feeling of his cock being restricted by tight fabric.

Back together and still Commando

We parted company and did not begin our current relationship until 5 years ago. At this time we met up after so many years apart and were sitting on the beach talking. He had a pair of white jeans on. We were laughing and intensely looking at each other – all of a sudden he grabbed my hand and put it on his cock asking me to just rub the tip through his jeans. It was hard and venturing down his leg, as it was free to roam. I suddenly recalled all those years earlier and his disposition for not wearing any boxers. It felt so horny there bulging from the leg of his jeans. His knob was more sensitive to my touch as it only had to negotiate one layer of material. I smiled, started to stroke it and began to passionately kiss him.

Swing low

I have often thought to myself over the years how unattractive some penises are. They are simply not nice to behold in their flaccid or erect state. I have always observed that my man’s cock hangs so well. Looks good in all stages of tumescence. I have developed a theory that this is because he allows it to be free. It is not constantly being curled up to hug his balls or nestle against his pubic hairs. By being allowed to hang how it wants, it is able to find its best position and consequently when he does not have any clothes on it is a glorious sight. I find it difficult to keep my hands or mouth away from it.

Even in the day when dressed, because I know he is going commando I sometimes can’t keep my eyes off his crutch. Checking to see which side he is dressed on or what state of swelling it is at.

As far as I am concerned it will be a sad day if my man ever decides to squirrel his cock away.

15 thoughts on “Going Commando ~ Kinky free balling

  1. Your man is a wise man. I stopped wearing underwear aged. It is uncomfortable and just adds nothing! Some partners have liked it, some partners have just never understood it! I’ve been going commando for 35 years and dont own any and will never be going back to it. Does he blog by the way?

  2. As a former professional dancer, I used to park my dick in a special dance-belt.I think it looked quite sexy! Nowadays I buy underwear that accentuate my forms. A hidden treasure as my girlfriend says when she takes it off

  3. I stopped wearing underwear aged 15 and have never looked back. I think I threw my last pair out at 17

  4. That’s so sexy, I love guessing if my partner is commando or not but I know he’d never leave the house without his underwear firmly in place.

    1. I’ve always found ladies fascinated by the fact I never wear underwear and again once they get used to it, they couldn’t imagine me doing so. Which is good as I dont own any

  5. Yeah, very sexy post. Me personally? I’m just too scared about getting visible erections in public! As you’ve mentioned, some cocks are pretty and some aren’t. If I walk around town with a hard on I’ll get reported, unlike the George Clooneys of this world ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Paul went commando for quite a few years when we were first together. It was perfect for me to get to my man’s cock with such ease. When we were at the grocery store and I saw woman after woman staring at him…or…at his crotch. I stepped away for a moment and glanced back to see him…perfectly! I could make out every detail of his cock and balls through his white pants! Oh dear. It did excite me a little that other women could see what was MINE and that they couldn’t have him. However, we had been at my parents earlier that day so…they saw him too (but didn’t say a word)…eeek!

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