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Kitten Care ~ A short story about Petting

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I needed some extra cash for the last summer break of my degree, wanting to travel before making my way as a fully fledged adult into the big wide world. I had a short attention span where work was concerned but as I checked out some job adverts one, in particular, drew my eye.

“Pet sitter required for the weekend. Please call this number.”

I spoke to a guy who explained that he was going away for a night and wanted someone to look after his indoor kitten. As easy as that!  We agreed he would put the key under the flower pot and instructions in the kitchen – his train left an hour before I could get there.

I knew a little about cats. Or so I thought. Nothing could have prepared me for this one.

Letting myself in I read the notes on the table. The kitty was to be caged at night. Food kept in the fridge – serve warm. Strange. The only other instructions were that the kitten was very affectionate and would need lots of cuddles, strokes and loving.

Walking into the sitting room I saw her perched on the windowsill looking out into the garden. My pulse quickened and my eyes came out on stalks, this was the most beautiful kitty I had ever seen. Her skin shone with health and her tail extended long and bushy. Purring she turned and looked at me with eyes that could warm a wicked man’s soul.

Jumping down from the ledge kitty began to rub up against me, pushing her head under my arm so I would pet her. Tentatively my hand rested on her hair and then moved down feeling the collar around her neck. Kneeling I caressed lower, across her nipples and under to cup the breast. I began to moan. She purred sticking her arse in the air, the way cats do when they want you to scratch them near their tail.

I dug my nails into the base of her spine and she arched her back, shimmying her hips to swing the tail from side to side. My cock throbbed and I released it, smelling its salty aroma as it sprung free.

With heart beating fast I touched the base of the tail and moved my hand down to her velvet cunt. It felt like a budding flower. Holding on to the collar for support I inched my dick into her warmth. We fucked like animals in the wild. The butt-plug pushed against my cock, helping to tear an extremely intense orgasm from me. Finally, we collapsed onto the rug. I held the Kitty in my arms and praised her for being such a good Kitten.

Stroking her hair and whispering in her ear.

We stayed like that until I warmed her food. She ate and then it was time to lock her into the nighttime cage.

The next day I left a note letting the owner know that this was a job I was willing to repeat. How would I phrase it on my C.V? Petting?

This story was first published in 2018 for Friday Flash. The content has been updated and also now includes the wonderful header image by the one and only Ml Slave.

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26 thoughts on “Kitten Care ~ A short story about Petting”

  1. Enticing story. I love taking care of My Kitten and every night she gets cudddles and her back and ears tickled.
    This afternoon with Covid requiring working from home she may get a special tray of cream.

  2. I absolutely love what you have done with the prompt. This is SO sexy!

    Rebel xox

  3. Wonderfully inspired writing May. I used to love reading the small adds and imagining the stories behind them. Time Out used to have a lot of good ones in the 70s. The shortest one I recall was ‘Head seeks chick’. CPxx

  4. Now there’s a Dragon’s Den idea! Pet sitting for kittens, and pups…Wonderfully sensual and a happy kitty in more ways than one! X

  5. O clever May, and delectably hot. That is a fantasy to ‘bring out and polish’ every now and then!!

  6. I want a kitten to care for.
    I’ll give up my job and become a pet sitter.
    Hot story May.

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