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Being naked should be seen as a leveller. Open. Bare. Exposed. Vulnerable. Ready!

But of course it is not. Society dictates a certain nakedness is more attractive or desirable than another. And that is poppycock! But of course in life we have to deal with the world as it is and not as we would like it. So with that in mind…

Laid Bare and Naked

The first time I remember being naked was as a baby. Still small enough to be bathed in the sink. I suppose this could be a false memory. Someone may have told me about it. Perhaps I was shown a photo. But all I know is that the recollection is still with me.

Next, I was primary school age, maybe 6 years old, and I would dispense of my clothes at the drop of a hat. I felt free and enjoyed not being restricted. I investigated what a person could do for a job if nakedness was their thing. Someone must have mentioned stripping. Because for a few years I would tell all who showed any interest that I wanted to be a stripper when I grew up. I certainly amused a few adults with this idea.

Feeling self conscious

Then the girls around me began to mature. Ninety per-cent of my peers were more physically advanced than me. I began to feel a little self-conscious about my body. And even though I was not well developed, it didn’t seem right anymore to run around the garden naked in the sunshine. That summer something closed down for me. Perhaps it was childhood?

For the first five years of secondary school I was not keen on my shape. I didn’t want to be seen naked. This was a unique phase in my life. Because at all other times I have felt very much myself – bare. As if I am meant to be in that state. But from the age of 11 to 15 I was very skinny. Flat chested and awkward. Some girls and boys mocked me because of the way I looked. Zapped my self esteem. But I was lucky, as the May More ugly duckling morphed somewhat, and by 17 had the kind of figure some would dream of. Well that is what I was regularly told. 😉

Finally a Swan

  • laid bare
  • laid bare

Above you have me at 17 and 25 – ish…

I certainly do not have that body now. Also, I don’t think I fully appreciated it at the time. Often the young are not aware of their beauty. But as I got slightly older – 25 to 29 years old (second slide above) – I did recognise I was physically at my peak and enjoyed the attention my body generated. I was slightly curvier than in my late teens but very toned and happy to be bare when ever possible. Indeed I once again relished the opportunity to get naked. Strip poker etc. I remember I shared a flat with a few people and we would often chat about our day in the bathroom while I laid naked in the bath with a glass of wine perfectly relaxed and comfortable.

Most people I knew were not that easy going about nudity. But when ever I had the opportunity to see them without clothes I thought they looked wonderful. The body is an amazing thing to behold. I particularly admire the naked female form – breasts, waist and hips – gorgeous.

May More laid bare today

Now adays I am heavier than I was in my 20’s and my weight fluctuates but I still love getting naked. I have to be in the mood for photographs but as for stripping off – I could do that everyday.

I am about 10lbs heavier in image one (April 2019), than when image two (Nov 2019) was captured. Being nearly 5 foot 9 the weight distributes reasonably evenly. And I will say I feel healthier at the size I am in image two, but I do think my arse looks very sexy in the first picture, where I weigh more.

So I am lucky. I am confident in my own naked skin. If I could have a waist like this lady – that would be great but I have my own assets that I am more than happy with. More importantly than all the above is that…

I’m reasonably fit and in good health. For these two things I am extremely thankful. They have become far more important to me than how much I weigh.

Here are some more photos of me naked – laid bare – in a pool. I adore how the water makes you feel as light as a feather.

I have used a negative filter on a pool image from a few summers ago for the monochromerotic and summer fun-theme-photo memes – but realised it may not be”proper” mono – so added a grey scale image just in case. 😉

Click to enlarge…

Talking of memes look how industrious I am with this post! My most ever I think.

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26 thoughts on “May More Naked ~ Laid Bare

  1. Oh my, I love that you loved stripping as a child and so started telling people that you wanted to be a stripper! That sure is an unusual choice for a child. It’s almost fascinating how teenage years change us and bring that insecurity. I think that’s definitely a universal experience.
    You sure did have a model body! I like your reflections on how your weight and shape has changed over the years and how despite it you appear to love yourself (as you should)!

    1. being healthy is so more important once you are older – and I do get a lot of compliments on my body – but I take care of it too. Although I wish I was your age again!

  2. “I’m reasonably fit and in good health. For these two things I am extremely thankful. They have become far more important to me than how much I weigh.”

    This is a sentence that fills my heart with joy. I wish more of us felt like this.

    N xx

  3. I don’t necessarily enjoy being naked but that is because I never had the body that others would dream of having 😛 All your images look sexy, and I think it is not only the shape, but it is the confidence that shines through!

    1. TY Devie 😉 – I am not the shape I would ‘dream’ of being now – but am bodily self aware and I think that is why I like being naked x

  4. You really have a fabulous arse, May! And wow, just look at you in those older pictures. Like you say, when we were younger we didn’t appreciate our bodies enough! Although I honestly love having more curves now than back then.
    ~ Marie

  5. A splendid post May with some glorious photos. When I was 20 I spent months travelling through Scandinavia. One place I visited was a Danish island called Samso. It was the first time I had seen naked women on a beach. They were all just so natural. It was wonderful and a complete revelation after British beaches.

    1. Thanks CP – that sounds wonderful CP – a confidence – my birth father was from somewhere near there – maybe that’s where i get my love of nudity from

  6. How do you wolf whistle on a comment? You’re right May, health and beauty are wasted on the young; well they were on me for sure! I only be came aware of my desire for nudity when I past 35. Anyway, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you’re a cracker as far as I’m concerned! (Loved the older grainy pics! btw)

  7. I love this post. I admire the way you are about your body and your acceptance and recognition of how sexy others find you. You have an amazing collection of images here and I laughed at your meme collecting. That must be a record. Thank you so much for linking to my image and for your kind words. That means a lot. Being comfortable in your own skin is so important and I think the freedom it brings you is special. I am glad that you got back to that following your period of feeling self conscious 😊

  8. We have to love the skin we are in! I also love to be naked and was stick thin and flat chested until I had children! Went from 101 pounds to 250 and I instantly loved my new curvier body, stretch marks and oh so huge breasts! To this day I try to keep some extra weight on but be sure to strength train and tone. You look beautiful at every age.

  9. Thank you for sharing your photos. I was not considered “fit” when I was 17, but I did weigh significantly less. However, being naked is something I enjoy more so now than back then…probably because I now have someone who enjoys the view haha.

      1. I love the photos you have shared here, and agree that there is a societal view of what is attractive, which needs to be thrown away in my opinion, as it is unhealthy.

        I thought I had already commented on this, and I’m sorry it looks like I’m late to the party.


  10. The photos are gorgeous–all of them! None of us look the same as we did at 17, but I enjoy being naked much more now than I did then. And weigh a lot more. Thank you for sharing these and joining our meme! xx

  11. I enjoy stripping down to my skin but with my menopausal cold flashes I need warm weather to do it in these days!

    Thank you for participating in the Reminiscences project this summer — I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. 🙂

    (And I hit your ‘Like’ button but it doesn’t seem to be taking. I think something is wrong on my end because it’s happened a few times now. So here is a “LIKE!” as well.) 😉

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