Landmark Stairs for #F4TFriday

A landmark for me in regards to my blog was when I published my first ever Sinful Sunday post in August 2017.

Today Kilted Wookie is handing over the reins of Food for thought Friday and he plays a central part in regards to this landmark.

Let me explain.


I had been following Kilted Wookie on Twitter for a little while and of course was stalking his kilt images. I saw one he had linked to the Sinful Sunday meme and read up on the rules. It sounded like such a fabulous opportunity. Joining in helped propel my blog forward. So I will always be grateful to KW kilt shots and Molly’s Sinful Sunday.

My first week was the prompt of stairs. This was the image I used. Click on it to go through to the post and read any comments I made.

I can’t say I am  shy but I am not an extrovert. So wanted to go in softly softly with a sexy image of things rather than me. Immediately I was hooked. I could hardly believe how welcoming all the bloggers were. And everybody seemed so generous with their interaction and sharing.

Looking back at the comments I see they were from so many of you fabulous bloggers who still come to my blog and read, comment and/or share my work. You are all WONDERFUL.

For me, my site became a proper blog on that Sunday twenty two months ago.

Here are the comments I received…
  • What a very simple, yet very sexy shot <3  Welcome to SinfulSunday x

  • Great photo and welcome to Sinful Sunday! Xx

  • What a lovely, creative photo! Sometimes the photos without people are the most intriguing. Welcome to Sinful Sunday!

  • I really like the motif of the trail of garments leading up a staircase… very sexy, and a lovely image! ?

  • I always have bits on my stairs that need taking up or down but they’re never quite as sexy as this.

  • this is a nice tease shot. makes the imagination run wild.

  • I like the creativity of this ? Rebel xox PS: Have you discovered Wicked Wednesday yet? ?

  • I like the way the “V” angle repeats throughout your image – in the shape of your panties, the bend in the whip, the perpendicularity of the stair steps, etc. Nicely done. ?

  • Yay so glad you are joining in with Sinful Sunday! This definitely looks like the remnants of a fabulous date night!
    Aurora x

  • That looks the remenants of a very fun evening. Welcome to Sinful Sunday. I hope you enjoy being part of this community and I look forward to seeing more image from you in the future. Mollyx

  • Love the story that your photo shows. Welcome to Sinful Sunday xx

  • The picture tells a great story.

  • What fun! A great idea too ?

  • Great image and tells a story of the evening antics.

  • Great image – looks like a fun night. ?

  • Nice image, I like it. Welcome.

You guys made my landmark!
All of the above are very much active within our community and still comment and support my work. Except Aurora and Elliott – I wish them both well and miss their blogs ….
Three of the people who commented that day were chosen for the round up.  And here are two of their images.
copyright Kilted Wookie
Copyright Exposing 40
Other blogging  landmarks include being in Molly’s top ten list of bloggers last year – WOW – and reaching the final of the smut marathon.(How did that happen?)
Future landmarks where blogging is concerned?
Get to grips with running this #F4TFriday meme with the lovely Floss and continue writing what I hope is quality content for my blog.
Landmark 100

15 thoughts on “Landmark Stairs for #F4TFriday”

  1. I love photos that are sexy and suggestive without really showing the “naughty” bits of a person. You nailed this one. It’s lovely.

    Also, it was fun to read a little about the history. Super sweet!

  2. You’ve really come along. Always the cheerleader, always with great photos and great posts. It’s wonderful to interact with you in this community, May

  3. You know what? SinfulSunday did it for me too! And it still does it every week. I’ve joined in other memes but with SinfulSunday I am getting the most traffic to my site, but not only that, I am also meeting more bloggers and get discover more wonderful pictures, writings and sites.
    I am glad you stuck around and got the feedback you received! You are fabulous and I really love your blog!

  4. Landmark meme indeed! I was a little later coming to #Ss than you, and to discovering our lovely blogging chum KW.

    This is a fun meme & im grateful KW hosted it for so long. You guys will be great taking up the reins. I Look forward too more fun & sharing. You’ve done a great job with your ‘Landmark’ post- boosted lots of things that are great about out community.

  5. What a brilliant way to mark the prompt and what a gorgeous photo. I look forward to seeing what fun and imaginative topics you create for us all here on F4TF ?

  6. Best of luck taking the reins for F4TF, but you seem pretty experienced at this stuff now, I’m sure you and floss will do a great job ?

  7. I remember that photo now I see it again!

    Thank you for the mention, and I wish you and Floss the best of luck with the Food For Thought meme.

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