Learning to Become Comfortable With Your Kinks

Learning to Become Comfortable With Your Kinks

I recently wrote how being kinky is not perverse and what may be normal for one kinkster won’t be for another. The following article is not written by me but it does delve into being kinky.

It is a guest post exploring different kinks and how to find someone suitable to share them with.

Enjoying your Kinks ~ Guest Post

We are living in a wonderful time for sexual exploration. There have been great strides in recognizing the LGBTQ community in terms of basic human rights over the last several decades. And also a healthy embrace of all sorts of fantasies and desires, that might have been heavily criticized and marginalized only a few years ago.

While it is always good to know that from a legal standpoint you are not going to become a criminal by following your sexual interests, (it still seems shocking that was a thing once), your own sexual journey still might be full of personal insecurity and uncertainty.

Fortunately, there are many resources out there, (including the website you’re reading right now), that can help you not only feel normal regarding your kinks – but make you feel very, very good as well.

Finding a Proper Professional

The sex industry is obviously one that has a few unfortunate problems. Because of this it’s important that the community protects sex workers as there is still a chance for exploitation of women and men that truly is horrendous.

However, for those who wish to make use of this service independently and of their own volition, spending time with a professional escort can be one of great learning and pleasure. It has already become a much safer activity for all involved thanks to the internet. There are plenty of personal and company websites that can easily show all the models in your area who are willing to meet. 

Reading the individual profiles can give you an idea if this particular escort is right for you. Some may offer a standard ‘Girlfriend Experience’, while others may focus on a particular activity like massage or BDSM play. Reading past client comments like New York, Los Angeles or London Escorts Reviews can give you an honest assessment of how well these appointments have gone.

Kinks ~ Talking the Talk…


Meeting with any sort of professional sex worker for the first time can be a bit of a nervous moment. Fortunately, they know that and can quickly defuse the situation with an affable demeanour and some easy small talk. You can be quite sure that they have heard, seen and done it all. So when the talk does eventually move towards your fantasies, there shouldn’t be any worry about being criticized or mocked. 

For some people, it’s not even the matter of any particular kink or fetish that they want to explore, but sexual intimacy in general. While the internet has brought the world closer together in many ways, it is hard to deny that access to pornography can portray a slightly warped view of what sex should entail.

However, there is still plenty of healthy, positive adult content out there. It’s just that some of it is overshadowed by an exaggerated form. This means that even aspects of conversation during dates that can move into flirting is not everyone’s strong suit. Practising this with a professional escort can be just as important as practising certain positions and scenarios in the bedroom. 

Even ‘Vanilla’ is a Kink

It has gotten to the point where not having a weird fetish is…weird. When major magazines are making a big deal of talking to your partner about getting freaky, it is definitely a welcome sea change. For many people, a kink or fetish always meant adding something physical to a lovemaking session. 

It could be a toy or something that doesn’t even look like a toy (say whips, nipple clamps or handcuffs). Or an unusual costume change. All of this is circling around the acknowledgement of BDSM as being the best-known kink out there.

What is rarely stressed about this activity is just how mutually agreed upon it truly is. The ‘scene’ where you both act as either dominated or dominator is preceded by a discussion of what will be done, and what constitutes crossing the line. The idea of trust is huge in BDSM. Although this is fact is often overshadowed because most people think it is just pushing the boundaries.

It’s All in Your (Horny) Head

While bondage in some form can be traced all the way to either Betty Page or the Marquis de Sade (depending on how much of a sexual historian you are), the latest form of kink requires practically no additional tools in the bedroom at all. Why use restraints and vibrators when the most powerful form of foreplay is the idea of these items? The old line is that the brain is the largest erogenous zone in the body is true. Suggesting that what gets us excited most is the idea of sex. 

Erotic role-playing doesn’t require anything but two (or more) people pretending to be themselves in a fantasy situation, or being completely different people in any other situation. It requires a bit more imagination on behalf of all involved, but is fun even if your acting skills are mediocre.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to pretend to get with a sexy co-worker, and now you have a chance because your partner is willing to be them for this fantasy. Or you are a doctor, turned on so much by your sexy patient that you can’t hold back any longer. 

Role-playing also makes it possible to indulge in forbidden fantasies that could not happen any other way. Sharing these experiences with a trusted partner can be very intimate and rewarding. Although, if you haven’t got a partner or you’re worried about their reaction, booking with a professional sex worker may be a good alternative – there won’t be any concern about what they might think and there is no obligation for either of you to meet up ever again. Unless you want to 😉

Learning to Become Comfortable With Your Kinks is a sponsored post by London Escort Reviews…

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  1. Good advice here! and I agree that Vanilla (as derogatory as a term as it has become) can be its own kink. Not mine, but someones. lol

  2. It follows from this that communication with a professional sex worker can be perceived as a kind of training. Including getting psychological skills.

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