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Letters and Lonely Hearts

At first, I felt a little embarrassed looking through the lonely hearts page. But really, where was the harm? Reading about other single people was a comfort. Interesting too – the way they described themselves and explained what they were looking for.

One particular advert in – Tea for Two – caught my attention.

Penpal wanted.

Sounded like a nice man. Single, six years older than me and, to be honest, a bit of a scholar. Graduated from college, that impressed me. I’d attended secretarial school. Bloody good shorthand… and typing was OK, but have never been much of a reader.

All correspondence was sent via the magazine’s Post Office Box Number, for safety reasons. He replied to my letter straight away, asking for a photo. I found a suitable one at the back of a drawer. The picture was only a year old, taken at a friend’s wedding. I was looking smarter than usual in a linen suit, nipped-in waist shown off to a treat by the jacket, hair cascading in waves over my shoulders.

He liked what he saw – called me a looker. Suggested all the guys were probably after me. I blushed as I read his words. Makes me smile looking back. Before long we were both writing twice a week. It kept me busy those long winter evenings.

I’d been too shy to ask for a photo in return and his letters were very entertaining, full of funny tales and reviews of whatever he was currently reading. I never felt I was missing out not knowing what he looked like. My imagination soared and I enjoyed picturing him as my prince charming.

Within a month or so things grew more intense. We discussed our pasts and hopes for the future. Then -quite suddenly- he told me we’d have to stop. He said it was not fair that he was only offering friendship via letters. I begged him to reconsider. I had come to rely on our correspondence, and the idea of no more letters upset me. It was then – that he told me.

Five years before, he’d been convicted of murdering his wife and had been writing to me from a prison cell. If he served all of his 25-year sentence he was due out in 1995. Shocked to the core I ran to the bathroom and immediately vomited.

What should a girl like me do? I wrote and asked him for his full name, thinking perhaps it was a joke, maybe he had a twisted sense of humour.

David Alcott.

Now I realised he wasn’t joking. Alcott was notorious – the murder had made him a household name. His face had been on all the front pages when he was finally convicted.

At the library I found the micro-fiche record of the trial to be very informative.

Missing for three weeks, Janey Alcott’s body was found washed up on a beach. Despite the jury’s verdict, her husband still claims to be completely innocent.

After twelve days of trying to forget him, I gave in. Our letters changed – took an erotic turn as we both craved intimacy. His prose was very eloquent, with long, careful descriptions of his exact desires and his need to explore every inch of my body. To probe every orifice, hear me scream out his name and force me to a shuddering climax. Usually breathless after reading – my hand would reach down and caress my slit, until I came, precisely as he had imagined in his letter.

Out of the blue, I received a visitor’s invitation in the post. I was nervous but didn’t think twice.

The journey took over an hour. I arrived and was shown to a small room with a table and two chairs. I was shaking with nerves when David sat down opposite. Each of us stared across at the other taking in every minute detail. I babbled on about my job, straining to relax and was very aware of his piercing stare, those cool, green eyes fixed upon me. His gaze held my own and then moved slowly down to my breasts. He was undressing me in his head and instinctively I knew his cock was now straining against his uniform pants.

I made three more visits. We became closer. More than once he repeated the story he had told the jury – that he last saw his wife setting out alone for a walk across the dunes. I believed him.

One day the pass came and I threw it in the bin along with all his letters. What was the point? Each meeting was the same: intense looks, unfulfilled needs and the knowledge of him alone with my letters, picturing me naked, legs open and touching myself while he stroked his shaft.

In the end it was all too much.


Geoff was a nice, ordinary man. Every week-day we caught the same train to work. It started with smiles, coffee, then a first date at the cinema to see Stayin Alive. We had a kiss and grope in the back row. Indeed, Geoff was quite handsome but was certainly no John Travolta. My family liked him though and we married in the spring of 1979.

The desire for children united us, but the years passed – and it was not to be. We had both been hard workers, however, and when we divorced after 12 years I received a tidy sum. I bought a cottage by the sea and a Labrador – Cleo – to keep me company. It would be a lie to say I never thought of David. At night he was often on my mind as my hand teased another orgasm from my body.

Every day I walked the dog along the beach and watched summer turning to autumn. Then one Tuesday afternoon I saw him coming towards me. Dark hair speckled with gray, but apart from that, visibly unchanged.

We never made it to the bed. Falling through the front door, kissing, he pulled up my skirt, his fingers sought out my moist sex. Then lifting me up on to the table, he roughly thrust his cock inside me. Engrossed as if my cunt was invented entirely for his pleasure. Pulling out slowly and pushing in leisurely, my pussy dripping with desire. Finally, speeding up, fucking with meaning his balls slammed against my arse and I came loudly and thankfully – it had been a long time. His climax followed as he groaned deeply and fell on top of me.

Prison had hardened him. He’d developed a short fuse so asking him anything about his past was difficult – he tended to lose his temper.

It was inevitable that we would marry and apart from the fact that Cleo has never taken to him – we couldn’t be happier. Understandably, David doesn’t like to socialise too much. We spend a lot of time together. Because of my savings – and he has some too from his marriage – he enjoys pottering around the garden and reading. He doesn’t really need to work, and, well, we’re not getting any younger.

The sex is amazing. Whenever he wants me I have to oblige straight away, or be punished. The other day when I got back from the office, he was waiting with belt in hand. Sitting down on an easy chair he ordered me to take off my trousers and panties. Laying me on his lap he thrashed my arse with the belt as I shrieked. Then, while my skin was still smarting I felt a wet finger enter my anus. It was soon replaced with his cock and I was pushed down over the arm of the sofa. This is his favourite sexual act. I like to rub my clit as he bangs me hard from behind and we both cum together. David says I am more…compliant…after a good spanking. To be honest, I think he’s right. I so love to please him.

Enough reminiscing. Today he wants us to go out for a change – for a walk along the cliff path. That particular route is not recommended at this time of year – it’s bitterly cold and windy up there, and there’s bound to be some ice…but I’m so happy he wants to leave the house…I’ll go and put on my boots…

WW #309 Conviction Letters

Listen to the audio – narrated by me – May More.

21 thoughts on “Letters and Lonely Hearts”

  1. Wow May, love the imagery and he sounds almost Hannibal Lecter like in terms of his personality. The plot twist is one of those that make your heart go in your mouth. “Don’t do it!” I want to shout to her at the end ?
    You certainly have a knack for writing, and these darker stories are delightfully macabre xxx

  2. Fascinating read, I wasn’t sure at first if I was reading fiction or fact. And the ending…. chills.
    Indie xx

  3. Beautiful it is May…can’t say it didn’t rattled me ,I’m always moved by love in special circumstances and this one is not less either and yes I can’t deny that I was pressing and squeezing my hard-on all the way …morning wood and my morning mood charmer for today

  4. Great story May, but almost a little too quick. Did you edit it down for length? I think you have the bones of a long form story or novella here, if you’re so inclined! Or am I being greedy? 😉

    1. yes u are being greedy 😉 i am writing series at the moment but this was meant to be JUST that length – u just wanted to know what happened on the cliff walk – that IS for u to decide 😉

  5. You really make your characters come alive May. And hopefully in this case, stay alive. We as the reader are drawn into the story, just as your heroine is by David’s letters. Beautifully paced. I loved it! CPxx

  6. At first I wasn’t sure if this was a true story or not but I did work it out fairly quickly that it was fiction. I was hooked from start to gloriously twisted end and I LOVE it. I am a huge fan of erotica that has a sinister element to it and this piece ticks that box perfectly


  7. Fabulous piece… nearly caught myself googling the name. Love to get that lost in a story. 😉

  8. This was indeed a stellar piece May – having read lots of your stories I was fairly confident it was fictional … but not totally for a while, so you’ve written it very convincingly. I loved this: “Engrossed in his actions, as if my cunt was invented just for his pleasure. ” You definitely took in the talk on writing about uncomfortable subject matter and have been inspired by it!

    1. thanks posy – funny thing is i was not trying to make it sound lite a true tale it’s just how it turned out 😉 x

  9. Oh gosh May, you have totally outdone yourself here. I really thought I was reading a true story, then I started to have my doubts but I only knew it for sure when I reached the end. This is brilliant!

    Rebel xox

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