life matters meme

Life Matters Resource Meme

Life Matters Meme

I am hosting some ad hoc memes under the umbrella title of – Life Matters.

Matters is such a versatile word. It can mean concepts or importance.

Each individual Life Matters topic will run for four weeks in total – a different aspect suggested for discussion every week.

There will be a month (or more) between topics.

Here are the past and future topic pages for Life Matters – get your badge here too…

Life Matters Prompt Dates

Food Matters.  2020

  1. Problems with food.  21st – 27th January.
  2. Foods that work for you. 28th – 3rd February.
  3. Favourite recipes. 4th – 10th February.
  4. Catch up on above or food posts in general. 11th – 17th February.

Check out the summary post I created from the above topics.

Book Matters. 2020

  1. Fiction Choices – 24th March – 30rd March.
  2. Non-fiction Choices.  31st – 6th April.
  3. Children’s books. – 7th April – 13th April.
  4. Catch up or any books you recommend. 14th April – 20th April.

Check out the summary post I created from the above recommendations

Personal Growth Matters. 2020

  1. Has lockdown helped or hindered your personal growth? 18th – 24th July.
  2. Examine your personal strengths and weaknesses.  25th – 31st July.
  3. What things have you tried to help personal growth and development? 1st – 7th August.
  4. Catch up on any of the above or talk about Personal Growth in general. 8th – 15th Aug.

Money Matters. Go through to this post for Money Matters prompts.

Rules 4 Life Matters Resource Meme – not many
  • I am happy for bloggers to link up older posts if relevant. In fact I want them to do that. The more info on a topic the better.
  • Each topic will have a badge to link back from a post so others can find the resource easily.
  • A blogger can link more than one post if it is relevant.
  • Please share and read other bloggers work.

I want each Matters link up post to be a resource. A place where others can find useful information about that particular subject. After all  bloggers are a very intelligent bunch and like to write and read about many different things. So let’s share our knowledge for the greater good of us all.

Badges will be accessed via the appropriate topic page above. Or use the generic “life Matters” badge below but link to the appropriate topic page.

Any Questions please ask in the comments below or DM me on Twitter.

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Three memes I want to recommend as they have a lot to do with life!

Life Matters Resource Meme

9 thoughts on “Life Matters Resource Meme”

  1. This is an excellent idea and will provide a treasure trove of knowledge.

    Writing nonfiction is not my forte so I apologise in advance that I’ll be unlikely to have much to contribute, but will certainly be reading.

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