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Lockdown with Lipgloss – Guest Post

I am excited to introduce Lipgloss McGinn to my blog. Some may say these book choices are inspired. Have a read …

Ten books to read with Lipgloss on Lockdown

The Comedy Man by Douglas Hayes

Tender, affectionate and faultlessly romantic. Early 60’s English repertory actors come to terms with the advent of radio and TV.

The Hot and the Cool by Edwin Gilbert

Young American jazz pianist cut off (literally!) in his prime, and his struggles to pursue his career. A bar raising urban noir fable.

There Should have been Castles by Herman Raucher

An all bases covered WW2 era epic romance with a pair of impossibly appealing protagonists… Far superior to Raucher’s “Summer of 42.”

Serenade by James M Cain

Hard boiled to the Max… A Bizarre genre defying meister work by one of the very best. ( Avoid the movie starring Rock Hudson).

The Great Leader by Jim Harrison

Harrison continues to age loudly and disgracefully giving his customary two fingers to convention with ruminations on food, fishing, his ongoing highly illegal dalliance with the fifteen year old next door and still finding time to investigate a creepy Mansonesque cult. It’s braw.

Pandemonium by Christopher Brookmyre

Brookmyres recent bizarre detour into the dull and overcrowded allays of crime fiction left many of us pining for the gleeful freewheeling madness of his earlier books… Like this one!

The Steps of the Sun by Walter Tevis

The alcoholically challenged author of The Hustler, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Queens Gambit and The Colour of Money was already way out on his own when he produced this fascinating Sci Fi gem. Top Stuff!

Suttree by Cormack McCarthy

Educated southern ne’er do well, embraces a life of alcohol, homelessness and promiscuity… Huckleberry Finn for grown ups. (The road still sucks, though!)

The Weapon by Michael Z Williamson

Unremarkable but prolific Sci Fi author, Williamson, was briefly touched by genius long enough to produce this laugh out loud right wing romp. It’s  non-pc, ultra violent, racist and sexist!

Top of the Ten is The Erection Set by Mickey Spillane
Mrs Spillane on the cover

Children’s entertainers like Chandler, Hammett and Parker just aren’t in the hunt with this late entry in the Spillane canon, where ice picks crunch through deserving testicles from the word go, Misogynist apes, dames to die for, soupcon of science fiction, and the authors usual evangelical tirades on the desirability of anal entry. Oh Mickey you’re so fine!

I was happy to see a James M Cain novel mentioned. And I have read and would also recommend – There Should have been Castles by Herman Raucher

Well that’s it from Lipgloss. Though he has promised to send me a post of the ten worst super hero movies ever. Something to look forward to I think 😉

3 thoughts on “Lockdown with Lipgloss – Guest Post”

  1. I love the idea of reading some of these – I suspect I’ve seen some Micky Spillaine on my parents’ bookshelves, and the Great Leader sounds intriguing too – I shall investigate! Great guest post.

  2. I’m a pretty big Mickey Spillane fan. I, The Jury was a wild left that led from the shoulder and nailed its target; he captured postwar anger and brutal psychopathy in a way that had never been put in prose before. He was actually considered quite controversial in his time, and many of his books are now out of print. Max Alan Collins has completed some of his unfinished work (The Goliath Bone, for instance), which is worth reading but is just not the same.

    Likewise, some of James Cain’s work has been completed and published posthumously. The Waitress is worth a read if you’re so inclined.

    1. I can imagine why he was considered controversial, even from the brief description of his book in this post. I am certainly interested to read it.
      I am a James M Cain fan so will be on to the one you suggest.
      I emailed Lipgloss and they are in agreement about what you have said about The Goliath Bone – apparently they have a copy.
      Thanks so much for commenting Feve

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