Longing ~ Looking at the bigger picture

Longing ~ Looking at the bigger picture

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When I set the prompt of LONGING 4Thoughts or Fiction I wasn’t sure what to write about.

Looking for the one

The feeling of longing is extremely strong when you want a person. That person. Them. Nobody else will do. Oh, yes I have experienced that sense of longing a couple of times in my life. The funny thing is I am not sure I would recommend it. That type of longing can really suck you in, chew you up until you are a wreck. Changed. Not who you were. 

The last time this happened to me was with my man. We couldn’t be together due to my commitments so for a while I literally pined for him. But then I had to become stronger than this huge feeling taking me over. I had to put my head first and push my heart aside for sanity’s sake.

Eventually the time came where I had space to let the longing return and quenched it by spending wonderful times with him. The rest is history. So now even though I desire him I do not have the same sense of longing. He is here with me. I am with him. That makes me content. Story over.

But my post is not long enough. I wasn’t sure what to add to it until I read this article by Jenna Kirkpatrick where she looks at longing and the bigger picture.

Longing for clarity

This type of longing isn’t necessarily so all encompassing. But it is more important. To know what you long for in your own life as a whole. Or what you long for in the world. To feel a sense of clarity. They are important concepts.

Over the last 5 to 10 years this has changed greatly for me. My union with my man has afforded me time to reflect. Time to grow and recognise that the things I long for on a wider scale are not needed for me to be fulfilled as a person as these things are massive. Out of my grasp. But still I can long for them.

Open Minds

I long for people to open their minds and look around. To believe in themselves and not follow the crowd. To question what they are told rather than being all accepting of anything an apparent authority tells them.

I am not after anarchy but I long for many to take off their blinkers and be brave. This means exploring ideas that may actually be out of their comfort zone – causing cognitive dissonance.

the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioural decisions and attitude change.

But cognitive dissonance isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it can prompt you to make positive changes when you realise your beliefs and actions are at odds to new information you have analysed. However, it can be problematic if it leads you to justify your original views so as not to have to evolve and move in a different direction.

I long for people to use their cognitive dissonance to evolve and learn more about a topic or viewpoint.

Silence is golden

I long for people to turn off the TV now and then, put their devices away and sit and contemplate. Listen to silence and let their minds quieten and find focus. By doing this they may find a way not to be so manipulated by others or brainwashed by powers.

The lockdowns have had a positive affect on some. Those who have learned that walking in wide open spaces and breathing in air that has been oxygenated by age old trees is beneficial to their mental and physical health. That’s a good thing.


Differing opinions are healthy but I long for people to own their opinion as they have researched that topic or it is their individual view point – rather than listening to the herd and taking on the leader of the pack’s school of thought.

I long for the humans to stop feeling scared of being an individual. I understand the need to belong but be an active member not a door mat.

I wish any one making a decision would take responsibility for their actions first rather than putting themselves over as the victim – and therefore undervaluing real victims.

Stand up

Lastly – life is short – once in a while it is important to risk rather than remain safe. Often by doing this a person can grow and gain so much. By sitting back they may be left with long term regrets.

I long for people to see that life is to be lived standing, running – not sitting on the couch…

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4 thoughts on “Longing ~ Looking at the bigger picture

  1. “I long for the humans to stop feeling scared of being an individual. I understand the need to belong but be an active member not a door mat.”

    These are such true words, May! A great post, and a lot of food for thought here.
    ~ Marie xox

  2. <3 <3 <3
    It's funny how this word longing, which fits in the sense of longing for someone we are in love with, also touches on so many other deep wishes and desires and yearnings – and so often some of the latter we have little control over. But I think you are right, we can still long for those things.

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