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My 2017 through the looking glass

Through the looking glass ~ 2017 in words, pictures & shout-outs

Looking glass 2017 ~ Personal Stuff

I started my blog in 2016 but I was plagued by a very bad leg injury soon after. It is a long tale waiting to be told, but briefly this is what happened.

I went to A&E and the hospital wanted to keep me in for an MRI and immediate operation. I chose to go home and worked on my own recovery. When I attended out patients they informed me that there was only a 10% chance of recovery. The welfare of my leg became my religion. Now it is is about 95% healed, without medical intervention.

Over the last year my man and I have travelled, and lived in, ten different places due to work commitments. We feel as if we are modern day gypsy’s. Often we are over stimulated with all the changes we have to cope with and end up quite exhausted.

Looking Glass 2017 ~ Blogging Stuff

January to April 2017

During the later part of 2016, I was completely immobile and my man looked after me. I wrote this poem for him as a gift to thank him for his care and support. And it is my focal post for the first third of this year, when I published it on my blog.

I certainly was not really in any mood for photos at this time but I do like the simplicity of this selfie.

Bare in the Looking Glass

My initial shout-out goes to a gentleman – Pete Symes. He was the first person to comment on anything I wrote and continues to support my writing and images. He’s a great guy and has various blogs that you can choose from.

May to August 2017

By now I felt strong enough to get back to my website and started writing a lot more. However, a few times I was stalled by the dreaded Sky Block, which hindered my progress.

Two summers previous my man and I had been away in the south of France and I wrote about one of our date nights from that time. Bondage Alfresco style gained the most interest out of all of my written work during this period.

At the beginning of August, I joined the wonderful Sinful Sunday Meme and this was my fourth entry.


From the moment I spied the window in this image, the shot was waiting to happen.

Aurora put it the roundup for that week. The same image was also featured in the following months E-lust magazine.

The previous Sunday I had also been lucky enough to be chosen in the roundup by Bondage McGryver, with my buttons photo.

Shout out to sub-Bee and her post about porn –  What gets me going.  I have been wanting to write something similar for a long time. Really love part of the last line – it is my porn done my way, and I won’t be shamed into viewing it in any other way.

The last third of the year was more epic for me so lets take a peek through the looking glass.

September 2017

After entering Sinful Sunday I found the motivation I needed, so once Marie mentioned Wicked Wednesday to me my writing really took off.

I published the non-fiction post Church Smells, my third entry for Wicked Wednesday. I was delighted when Zoe chose it in her top 3 round-up. It caused a slight ripple because of the controversial nature of its contents. I included it in that period’s kink of the Week and submitted it to E-lust where Molly picked it as one of her featured posts.

In 2017 I hosted three guest posts. The first by Rebecca (lapsed Catholic wife) was in reply to my church smells post. I linked it to Wicked Wednesday and we were both so pleased when Modesty chose it in her top 3 roundup.

Even though this image was not singled out it is my favourite shot from this month. The reason being – so many people commented that my legs looked great. No one realised I still had a slight leg injury.

My Shout-out is for Ina and her very powerful erotic fiction post – Ivy.

October 2017

By now I was writing most days and thought I would try my hand at the Masturbation Monday Meme. I was over the moon when my very first entry, about giving a hand-job, was included in the top three round-up.

I was really enjoying my photography and so happy when this image from the moors was chosen by Oleander Plume in the Sinful Sunday round-up and used to promote it on Twitter.

Helpless in the Looking Glass

Shout out for Cara and her post  –  And C makes Three. This is a fascinating article and it is also rare for Cara to write about her personal experiences.

November 2017

This was a particularly busy month for me as I published 14 posts.

I entered Stockings, Ripped Shirts, another non-fiction post, into Masturbation Monday and it was chosen in John Brownstones round-up. It also featured in KOTW.

Very much inspired by the Wicked Wednesday prompt of picking a sentence from page 69 of the book you are reading and write some erotica around it. I penned a fictional post for it (only my second one), Why should we call ourselves Sinners?. This received much attention: Cheryl Kaye chose it for the Wicked Wednesday round-up; Molly picked it as her featured post in E lust;  it received various SoSS mentions.

In the same month, this shot was very much appreciated by my followers. In fact, it was used as the Masturbation Monday prompt a week later.


My second attempt at guest hosting was so much fun. The photos were from Mike Smith who incidentally tweeted my favourite reply to any tweet I have put out on Twitter. I was promoting a Sinful Sunday image and he replied to it,

“you’re a handful”

– extremely to the point but true in many ways 😉

I have got to know quite a few people on Twitter this year, the lovely Eye being one of my favourites. Check out her blog.

December 2017

I wrote a semi-fiction post Whispered Obscenities. Even though it was not included in any roundups it is my personal favourite of all the things I have written this year.

My post Portrait of a Sex blogger was chosen by Marie in her recent Wicked Wednesday round-up.

The last of my guest hosting featured a photo I saw on Twitter of Sexton Beetle. I was extremely keen to publish it and we were tickled pink when it was picked in the Sinful Sunday round up by Molly.

It was also in December that I posted this shot of my man. He plays the guitar brilliantly and I find it a real turn on.

My Man in the Looking Glass

In December I was the guest judge for both Wicked Wednesday and Sinful Sunday. This was great fun but difficult too. My shout out this month goes to my two favourites from my round-ups: Cousin PonsSome Motels have Thin Walls. And Exposing 40 for her incrediable guest Sinful Sunday image.

If I had gazed through the looking glass at the beginning of the year, when I was still concentrating on my mobility issues, I would not have envisaged I could acheive as much as I have. I feel blessed 😉

January 2018 – looking forward

I may not have published any posts yet but others have been busy. When I read Happily Barren by Jo I had to include it in the shout-outs. A remarkable and informative article.

Other 2017 Blogging Achievements

Swing-towns blog asked me to write, and then published, two of my articles.

I had so much fun when I tested some vibrators and wrote my fist sex toy review as a guest post for Molly Moore.

It was an awesome day when I found out I was number 51 it the Top 100 sex bloggers list, created by Molly and sponsored by chaturbate. And I felt very sexy indeed to be on Kilted Wookies Naughty List.


Share our Shit Saturday hit the sex blogging headlines in the last third of 2017. Seeing the importance of sharing our work I got involved with it from the start. I would like to highlight my Censorship post as it something very close to my heart and received several mentions. I have also been very proud to get various SoSS mentions for other posts and images of mine. Not to mention thrilled to make it into many End of Year reflection posts.

Lastly, a massive THANK YOU to all the busy bloggers who have given their time to come and view my work and then feel strongly enough to link to it in a sharing, SoSS type post, or mention. I very much appreciate this support, without it I would not be here. With that in mind, in return, I would like to highlight some of their blogs:

These are all fab – click on them and see 😉

More thanks going out to everyone who makes the effort to comment on my posts and/or subscribe to my blog. Bloggers write because they want to know what YOU think, so all of us adore comments.

Wishing everyone a constructive and happy 2018

15 thoughts on “My 2017 through the looking glass”

  1. This is such a beautiful roundup of an amazing blogging year. Well done you!
    Thanks for the mention, lovely!

    Rebel xox

  2. Thanks May – for the mention, for being so friendly and supportive while I’m starting out and for your wonderful posts. I now have to backtrack through your mentions in this article and see what I have missed. Glad to read your leg is so much better. Stay well. I look forward to our continued association and to many more posts in 2018.
    Indie xxx

  3. Thank you lovely lady for mentioning my blog – delighted you like it! I had no idea you were in your first proper year, I agree with Tabitha that it hardly seems possible that you are a ‘new voice’ – you’re so accomplished – with the words & the pictures. My absolute favourite of yours is “Whispered Obscenities” and I am kicking myself that it wasn’t in my round up this week … it’s certainly in my “spank bank” (or the female equivalent!)

  4. What an amazing blogging year you have had. I have really enjoyed reading your stuff this year and also your images and I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with in 2018


  5. I can’t believe your blog has only been around a year! It’s so much bigger than one tiny year! Bravo to you x x x love this place on the net and thank you for the shout out x

  6. All your photos are great, and I believe we have your man to thank for most (if not all) of them. And you of course, for posing! Your posts (more importantly) are great too – I read all of them, even if I don’t always comment. They are very insightful, and the sexy stories are always quite erotic!

  7. Thank you for including me, May. I’ve enjoyed the past year with you and your blog. You have a unique voice and such interesting photos. I’m still thinking of the girl in the blindfold, excellent shot. And, I’m so glad to hear that your leg has healed. Looking forward to 2018 with you.

    1. Thank u so much for supporting me and my blog and i am so chuffed u think i have something to say. The shot from last week won’t be public too long, its too like me 😉

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