Losing my Balance

Losing my Balance

I’ve lost my balance.

That is precisely how I feel at the moment and to be honest have done for most of the time over the last 18 months. Covid and the lock-downs have wreaked their fair share of havoc across the world โ€“ leaving a wake of destruction. Personally, the first set of restrictions left me mentally bruised but my brain seemed to combat this and I felt energised to a certain extent. I did a lot of deep thinking which produced, what I consider, some good work from me.

This meant I saw the year out with a relatively positive outlook. I started 2021 with ideas for blogging and writing in general. Projects such as Tantalizing Tales(with Posy) and the Blogable fiction Marathon came to fruition. But what I didn’t know was that something was literally hiding in the dark corners of my home that was slowly, but surely, sucking the health and spark from me.

WARNING – Health issues will be discussed.

I suffer periodically from eczema. But from December last year onwards this skin problem seemed to get out of control completely. I couldn’t understand why. Often when I am around animals I have a flare up but we don’t have any pets at home. Not only that but the itching levels went through the roof. I itched from head to foot during all my waking hours. Getting to sleep became dreadfully hard.

I ordered in some steroid ointment but it only seemed to help in a few place. By February I was pretty much covered with large patches of skin that were scared and sometimes bleeding. On top of this I noticed the itching was also accompanied by a tingling and sometimes if felt as if something was literally crawling across my skin.

I have a lot of experience with treating eczema, from nutritional remedies to natural products and good food. So I tried it all. Cut out dairy and gluten. Lost over a stone in weight. But no joy.

Then a conversation with Eye opened my eyes. She mentioned that she had eczema once and it had been brought on by first suffering from a different skin complaint. It got me thinking that maybe I actually was being irritated by something else as well as eczema.

I had an excellent pharmacist down the road so went and had a chat with him. He looked at my skin and said yes he would diagnose some as eczema but mostly he recognised many areas that were not eczema. They were very red as if burned. But he couldn’t say what they were.

Then I started to research. Putting in some other weird symptoms I was experiencing such as almost black stools and coughing up mucus for a bit in the morning. I discovered I was having an extreme reaction to black mold. We knew there had been a damp problem but had tackled it. However, when I announced my new theories to my man we thoroughly inspected all the rooms and found that there was mold lurking in hidden places. We set about cleaning this. I learned that vinegar and lemon plus grape food seed extract get rid of it but bleach simply masks it. Even with this knowledge we were finding it difficult to keep on top of the problem.

My man was experiencing similar symptoms, although his skin remained fine. But at the beginning of last month when we were working away I seemed to have suffered more problems than him. So he made a radical decision: I was never to return. He meant it – for the last 3 weeks I have been staying with family and friends while he went back and cleared out our home. I loved our home. It was surrounded by green and pleasant land ๐Ÿ™‚ – but it was beating me up so we had no choice. Within a week of being away my skin began to improve. My cough is taking longer. Having been around the mold while packing up our belongings my man was exposed further and now is dreadfully fatigued.

At this point I could link to information about Toxic Black Mold but won’t as it reads pretty horridly. But it does end by saying:

Once a person is no longer around toxic black mold most of their symptoms should gradually decrease.

This is good news. Although some symptoms may be irreversible most can heal, but I will always be susceptible to mold โ€“ if I come into contact with the fungus again my condition will flare up.

But looking forward, we have found a small place by the sea to live and will be moving next month. The air will help our lungs and there is also some beautiful countryside around.

Thank you to those out in my online world who have helped support me through. Particular Eye and her Love. And to those of you who have chatted with me and kept coming to my blog.

Hoping to regain my balance soon

I will finish by saying I feel more positive now than I have for quite a few months but am lacking energy โ€“ the fallout. I’m a little broken about losing our home but our health is more important. I probably won’t be writing so much on this site for a short while and apologise for not reading all your wonderful work as much as usual. Curating Tantalizing Tales, 4 thoughts and the Blogable Fiction Marathon (along side Marie) will be prioritized and hopefully in the near future I will regain my balance and the inclination to write more for Sex Matters.

Losing my Balance

22 thoughts on “Losing my Balance

  1. Such a mix of emotions you’ve got yourself there and dealing with them when you’re not on top form is tough.
    Sending best wishes to you both in your New Home ๐Ÿ’

  2. I’m pleased you found the culprit for your condition. Black mold is horrid, nasty stuff! I hope being by the sea is as happy for you as your old home. I’m always torn between the Moors and the Coast, both provide that vast expanse of sky that I need. N x

  3. great you found out what caused your healthproblems.
    After the first alinea, I wanted to warn you abot black mould, but you figured it out yourself. Stay healthy and keep on writing!

  4. I know I have said it before, but I am so sorry this had to happen to you and your man, May. I hope the sea air will heal you fully, and that you will be as happy in your new home as you have been in the old. Take the time to get your strength back, and we will be here waiting for you for sure. At least I know I will ๐Ÿ™‚
    ~ Marie xox

  5. I’m.so.glad to hear you’re starting to feel better. Inhope.you enjoy your place by the sea. It sounds heavenly ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Iโ€™m happy to hear that you are positive about things to come. I look forward to you regaining your balance. Thank you also for the reminder that I need to come back into my own balance.

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