Love made me do it ~ Flash Part 1

Love made me do it ~ Flash Part 1

“Your turn Gen. What have you done because of love?” Jane asked me as she grabbed the bottle and poured herself another glass of red.

I laid back on her bed in just my undies. A few of us were having a girlie truth and dare night – wine, pajamas and of course the conversation got round to love.

“And where are your bloody Jim-jams?” Jane moaned. “Me and Anne don’t want to put up with your over sized tits sprawling out all over the place. Not to mention your underwear doesn’t even match!”

“You’re’ just jealous. I’ll put them on in a minute. I wanna send a selfie of my cleavage to Ted first.” Picking up my phone I quickly took a snap.

love made me do it

“Come on Gen. Don’t evade the question or you will have to go and kiss old Mr Roberts from across the street as your dare.”

Pushing my head into the pillow I looked up at the ceiling and put my hand down the front of my panties. It helps me think.

“Love – Love is a sickness and a drug. It’s complete madness. Love is food and wine.” I sang loudly in a mocking tone. Which compelled me to jump up and plonk my favourite song from my teen years on the CD player.

This is not a love song (This is not a love song)
Oh no

I’m adaptable and I like my new role
I’m getting better and better, I have a new goal
Changing my ways where money applies
This is not a love song

Public Image Limited

Immediately I grabbed my hairbrush and started pogoing around the room singing along…

“This is not a love song, no, not a love song.” Getting louder.


“OK, OK. I will tell you.” I turned the music down and looked at the others one by one before continuing. “One night when I first got to know Ted. I wanted him sooo badly. But he practically ignored me. So I did a spell. To make him love me back.”

“Bloody hell Gen. You’re like a witch. What did you have to do?” Anne was all ears now.

“The potion needed some of his hair. So I cut a bit from the crown when he was slouched on the sofa drunk one night. And a few of my pubes. Which was difficult as my cunt is shaved. Once it had grown I snipped some off. Then the instructions said I had to go out into the forest, when it was a full moon – naked – and dance round a camp fire, chanting –  love made me do it.”

I knelt on the bed and waved my hands around to add a bit of atmosphere.

“Really?” they both ask in unison all eyes on me.

“Nah, only joking. Will Mr Roberts be in at this time?”

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16 thoughts on “Love made me do it ~ Flash Part 1

    1. You are right. This whole episode was ‘originally’ written in the present tense. When I updated it and made it the first part of a series I changed the story into the past tense and this got missed 😉 I have edited it now…
      May x

  1. I loved this! was very frivolous but still hot. I think the spell would have probably worked with hair from anywhere, not necessarily pubes. I’ve sneaked a peek at the continuation and it is cleverly done. Liberated lady but not averse to using her feminine charms – modelled on you perhaps?

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