Is your Love on the Rocks in 2020?

Is your Love on the Rocks in 2020?

This is a guest post for Sex Matters about relationships…

It could easily be said that relationships make the world go around. For the young and old. Rich and poor. Relationships are how you form partnerships, families, organizations, and communities.

Signs your Relationship may be failing in 2020

All relationships, whether they be personal or professional, experience ups and downs. This is especially true when it comes to personal and romantic entanglements. There are probably times when you feel like you might be able to read your partner’s thoughts, and then there are others when you feel like you are miles apart. Whatever the situation, feeling disconnected within a partnership, could be one of the signs that a relationship is failing in 2020. Lets discuss some other tell-tale signs.

Love on the Rocks

love on the rocks
Love on the Rocks


Do you feel like sometimes your partner thinks you are beneath them? Maybe your partner thinks he or she is better than you because they get up 30 minutes early and work. Not only that, they mention this to you. Maybe they put more time in the office and this makes them feel like they are superior. There are a number of reasons why one person is condescending to another. Unfortunately, when this starts to happen the offended party is likely to develop feelings of resentment. This is only natural, but if left unchecked, it can lead to bitterness and smoldering anger. Bitterness and smoldering anger that will eventually tear any relationship apart.


Mutual respect is a must for a relationship. Whether you are feeling dis-respected or are being disrespectful to your partner, it could be an indication that your relationship is headed towards the rocks. Sometimes disrespect happens if the couple have never learned how to agree to disagree and understand a partnership can not be completely compatible in every single way. Or, it may be the core problem of something deeper.

Too Much Adult Content

Technology seems to be growing faster than ever in 2020. And right at the forefront is VR porn and dating apps like the one you’ll find when you click here. There is no denying that adult content has always been big and will continue to grow, but 2020 is the year that it could reach an all new height. And, a lot of this will have to do with virtual reality porn. If used in the right manner, couples from all walks of life can use this technology to enhance their relationships. However, if you find you’re watching too much by yourself and spending more time alone pleasuring yourself than with your loved one, it could be a sign that you are not committed within your relationship.


Everyone lies! An occasional lie isn’t that bad, and something might even be considered acceptable. However, if there is a daily barrage of deception, something is wrong. The key sometimes to figuring out what is going on is asking yourself, what function or functions are the lies playing? Are the lies to get out of the house? Are they to get you away from your partner? Are they to give the illusion of competence in some areas? Luckily, once you understand the root of the lie, you can try and fix it. Especially if you don’t want your relationship heading for disaster.

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    1. Thank you Lisa -there is a saying which i agree with – “where ther eis a will, there is a way” and I think that applies here – If you want your relationship to work you will try your upmost to make that happen, both of you.

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