Loving my private members & my selfie

Loving my private members & my selfie

About 6 weeks ago I created a members area on my site. To share more explicit written work and display erotic images that are a little more personal than those I have on my general blog.

A months membership is the price of a coffee – only £3. The first subscribers actually got the extra two weeks thrown in. But now we are into August members will need to renew for that month. I am happy to say that some have already done so. I will be updating the content later this week with a new gallery. And coming soon will be another true sexy story of my own. Here is a snip-it from one I published for my members in July…

In silence he walked slowly over and pushed my head down so it was level with his hips. Then wrenching it back he slapped my cheek again and opened my mouth further by shoving three fingers inside.

I licked the tips and he smiled,

“That’s a good girl. Now nice and gentle with the goods.”

Love yourself

The image I am sharing today is a selfie I took last autumn. The next private gallery will contain a few more intimate shots from this session.

I am adding this photo to the new Love your Selfie meme. Angles can make all the difference. My phone was at the bottom of the stairs and shot upwards making me look extremely long and slender. With quite a small bottom. 😉 I also really like how I caught my foot in motion so it is blurred.

loving my private members
I like my shoulder blades in this image too.

I decided to apply a purple mono tint – if that is even a thing – to the image so I can link it to this weeks Monochromerotic meme. In for a penny in for a pound! And I am slightly colour blind where burgundy/brown/purple are concerned so please say if the photo is not that purpley at all

Loving my Private Members

I have explained why an image like the one above makes me love myself a little bit. Because of the angle it gives me more body confidence which on occasions I need, even though I am a fan of being naked. I am also loving that my  area has received private members. Thank you to the lovely people who joined and helped support what I do here on this blog. I appreciate it more than you know. And am hoping you will sign up for another month.

loving my private members


20 thoughts on “Loving my private members & my selfie

  1. What a brilliant shot. It is purple and sexy and definitely a good angle for you. Your private members area sounds like a great idea and I am sure there is lots to draw people in with this image and also the excerpt of writing 😊

  2. I’m so excited for you about this private section on your site. And the purple mono picture is very sexy to the point where I’d be inspired to recreate it haha!

  3. Definitely purple and thank you for adding to Love your selfie. It’s so important that we spread the message that we are all beautiful, and how photography can help us to find things to love about out bodies that we perhaps didn’t like before.

    Sweetgirl ?

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