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Magicians & Musicians Singing the Blues

Blues Musicians

When I started to think about the latest prompt for Musically Ranting – Sleeping with a Musician – I immediately thought to myself …

Well I have done my share of that. Both Vic and my man are Musicians – never famous but almost 😉 – I am not sure I would want to do any of that shenanigans again!

But after contemplating at length I realised that even though I was too young to have been involved with either Alex Harvey (rock and blues musician) or Lee Brilleaux (rhythm and blues singer with Dr Feelgood) – if I’d been of age I certainly would have had difficultly keeping my panties on if either of them had so much as glanced at me! Plus I would quite like to have married Stuart Adamson (singer with Big Country.) So, from zero to three possibilities in as many seconds.

And talking about musicians, I do love a guitarist’s hands. Their fingers are always so nimble and they have such strength in their hands. Here is a macro (close up) image I took of my man playing guitar. I have edited it for the Monochrome meme and as I have mentioned a few blues singers above I thought the perfect colour would be mono blue.

Magicians & Musicians Singing the Blues

This is the original of the above photo plus a few more for good measure.

Knees and poems

A few years ago I injured my knee and my man had to look after me as I was on crutches for quite a while. As a gift to say thank you I wrote him a poem all about us. The pattern is quite intricate. It begins when we first met in 1997. Then, the sadness of not being able to be with him when we reconnected in 2011 and finally, joy, when we got together in 2014.

Queen of Hearts, the Magician, and the three card trick

Three of Hearts
I opened the door, you stood there looking beautiful, all shiny and new
You looked at me, smiled, my heart swelled and I began to shine too
We talked about evolution, troubles in life, past loves and heartbreak
Together we were not sure what we had, but we recognised it wasn’t fake
I said see you soon, you walked away, in the blink of an eye, 14 years flew by.

Two of Hearts
We sat opposite, under the umbrella, laughed, brushed lips and drank wine
You were so sure, with me just glancing at you and thinking you were fine.
We held each other close, hearts beating fast, and danced with words of tomorrow
The reality proved different and showered us with pain and sorrow
I said see you soon, you walked away, in the tear from an eye, 3 years flew by

Ace of Hearts
Finally, the present has arrived wrapped up in love and delicious sin
Our life and hearts are overflowing with each day; our souls are akin
This time was always waiting, I believe that when I look at your face
Every day, every hour, every minute I spend with you are moments of Grace
Last thing in the eve, our bodies entwine, in the blink of an eye, night flies by

The style of the poem was inspired by this amazing song by Bob Dylan – Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts. I adore the way Bob Dylan can write an incredibly well written poem and then turn it into a song.  This one is so detailed I could image the story being used to create a movie. If you don’t know it I would really recommend you having a read of the lyrics or looking it up on you tube.

There is a reason I refer to my man as “The Magician” in the poem title. Post about why coming next week.

14 thoughts on “Magicians & Musicians Singing the Blues”

  1. As I play catch-up.. Wow May! I absolutely adore this post. Your poem was beautiful and I loved the pattern. Definitely reminded me of Bob Dylan’s style. ❤️

  2. Great poem! I love the hands of a musician. And ya know, I have had my fair deal of experiences with sexual encouters and musicians, and in the end, they are also just human.

    1. Thanks Devie – I pulled a few musician in my time – prob as I treated them as humans 😉 – their hands though – superhuman lol x

  3. You always manage to pack so much into your posts. I love your poem and enjoyed reading. I loved the original picture of your man when you posted but the blue edit on this one is gorgeous too. Very sexy. ?

  4. That is a great post May – evocative and then a lovely poem. I used to do security at rock concerts and did front stage for both Alex Harvey and the Feelgoods – Alex Harvey was a pain – he insisted that front was clear when he came on stage but there was hell to pay if we didn’t stop the screaming women getting to him! My fantasy though was sleeping with Sonja Kristina from Curved Air – I actually spoke to her once at a gig and went weak at th eknees.

    1. i never thought Alex would be anything other than a pain lol – bad thru and thru – entertaining as hell!
      Thanks for reading Mike

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