Male Chastity Play ~ Guest Post

Male Chastity Play ~ Guest Post

The History of Male Chastity Belts

Female chastity belts have been documented going back centuries. Although the history is not that clear due to faked evidence and disproved information. The male chastity device is a lot more recent.

One of the first patents for such a device was in 1905 and was an anti-erection contraption which looked similar to the Kali’s Teeth, of today.  It was called The Timely Warning and was designed to prevent erections and masturbation.

Male chastity dates back to around the 1850s when it was believed that masturbation caused insanity.  It was used to prevent “self-abuse”.  Whereas, female chastity devices were to prevent rapes and straying while the husband was away.

It was believed that too much masturbation caused deterioration in cognitive behaviour. Chastity was a solution for men who could not control themselves.

The devices we have today are loosely based on a design from the 1950s by Hal Higginbottom of British descent.

The Basics

What is the aim of male chastity in our current times?

In BDSM chastity devices are often used in power exchange relationships where one person gives up control to another, and this can take many forms. It is also used in fun, sexual games such as tease and denial – one partner can turn the other on by various means but not allow release until a specific time.

Some people get satisfaction just from wearing a cage under their clothing as well as the enjoyment of sexual frustration. Chastity can also be used in humiliation and degradation games. Or simply to train a man to put his partner’s needs first.

These are just a few of the reasons why a man might choose to wear a chastity device. There are many more, but the main aim is to prevent masturbation before the key holder has allowed it.

Types of Devices

Most of the devices are similar with a ring that fits around the penis and scrotum by means of metal loops, moulded cages/tubes, which can be locked in to place. There are other designs which look like plates, they compress the penis and testicles, but that is not what we are looking at here. The devices usually have a locking mechanism requiring a lock and key.

Some only have a belt loop attachment, but these are not meant for chastity control. The best devices available are made from stainless steel, titanium, 100% silicone, ABS plastic or polycarbonate or a combination of these materials. These are hygienic, easy to clean and safe to use on your body.

Male Chastity
Male Chastity Play

Cheap devices made from other materials may not clean easily and cause harm. It is best to buy a device with multiple rings to get your size right the first time. Some devices allow for a piercing for extra security as well. Many of the devices come with extra parts such as plugs/dildos and urethral rods. Make sure these are also made from safe materials.

Other adaptations include Electro stimulation accessories, timers and body harnesses.

How to fit the Device

  • Makes sure you have plenty of lube handy – Excess friction can cause raw areas and pain. Some minor chafing is normal.
  • The device should not be so tight that it restricts the flow of blood to the genitals.
  • Apply the lube to the device as well as your skin when inserting.
  • Wear the device for short periods at the start and work up to a week in chastity before arranging a designated key holder.
  • Another way to put the device on is to place your penis in a stocking or thin sock. Slide it into the cage or tube then thread the covering through the slot for urination. Pull it out and you will be nicely situated inside the cage.
  • Before fitting, trim the pubic hair in the area to prevent it being caught in the device. Shaving might not be a good idea to start as the re-growth can cause itching and irritation.
  • The device should fit snugly but it shouldn’t be painful or restrict the flow of blood to the area.

Play Time

Once you have a good quality device and have got used to wearing it for at least a week at a time, you are ready for long-term wear and perhaps a key holder to keep you in check.

Choose your key holder wisely. Make sure you have discussed the details and agreed on how to proceed. As well as a safe word you should be in dire straits. You need to ensure that you practice very good hygiene while wearing the belt and perhaps be allowed to remove it regularly for a good clean of the device and your body. Remember that if you travel often and are wearing a metal device it may be picked up when going through the gates. You might want to consider silicone or other non-metal devices if you are a frequent flier.

Buy the best device that you can afford. Preferably one that you are able to customize with different size rings to make long-term wear as comfortable as possible. There are many devices available in adult shops as well as specialist stores online. It is always better to purchase from a store specializing in toys and gear related to BDSM – or kink lifestyles – as opposed to general dealers.

Now, all you need to do is choose the device, make sure you have a key holder available and start enjoying the thrill of having someone else in charge of your genitals.

This is a sponsored post written by Toys 4 Naughty Boys, a UK  sex toy company.

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  1. If my wife wants to try this I’ll probably call it quits.
    (I’ll try it once if she’s serious, but I doubt it will be something I enjoy)

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