March 2019 ~ Blogging Summary & SoSS

March 2019 ~ Blogging Summary & SoSS

March 2019 has been a mixed bag of tricks for me. In my real world I have not always felt so great but in contrast my blogging has been very positive this month.

My new Twitter account @may_matters has got off to a flying start – well – still on take off really but it is not shadow banned so that is a good start. I would like to thank Ferns for her advice about starting a new account. Check out her great blog.

My March Blogging Summary

Writing on my blog

During March 2019, my most read post from my archives is this very sexy true life bondage tale – Bondage Alfresco Style. I can remember when it happened. Damn hot in more ways than one.

The most popular read from the past month was my article all about the latest facts regarding the updated Twitter Shadow Ban.

I was lucky to be chosen, not once but three times, this month in the top three for Wicked Wednesday. And here they are –

  • I wrote the very dark The Fear factor last month. It was in the top three in the first week of March.
  • The second was a sexy flash tale, mainly dialogue. In Your Dreams.
  • My favourite story of mine this  month – Sometimes a story line just comes to you and spills out in a matter of minutes. This storyCatch the Catcher did just that. The character leapt into my head and took hold of the tale for me.

All three were also shared in SoSS posts by other bloggers. Thank you!

Sponsored Writing

I have also been fortunate to be sponsored twice in March to write posts on my own blog and was very happy with both topics.

  • This fictional story is a real cutie, sexy tale all about early mobile phones and sexting.
  • I wrote this a Male Sex Toy article with Elliott Henry’s help as he knows much more about the topic than me 😉

Images on my blog

This image was the most viewed one of the month.

take two march 2019 May More

March 2019 Sharing SoSS


One of my favourite images form this month was on Elliott Henry’s blog of the gorgeous Dreamcatcher.

march 2019 dreamcatcher

Another image that is really kinda of clever and very sexy is this one for Sinful Sunday from Posy.

Smut Marathon

It is fun being a spectator in the smut marathon. I did have some clear favourites in the last round and they were –

Voting round 3 has just opened – I notice with a smile that the criteria is dialogue – It has to be done right. Go over and have a read of the entries. Please vote, and comment if you have time. I am not a contestant this year but I remember last year and how much I appreciated the support.


Being Cat’s assistant 😉 I have read all the posts that linked over the last month. I was particularly taken by these three…

  • We all know Asrai writes extremely good erotica but her post for #sb4mh was an extremely personal one. Her article about past trauma was a very brave area for her to delve into.
  • We become a witness to Nikki’s long journey regarding past trauma. It is a haunting read.
  • Violet Grey shares such an emotional post about her past and how it does not define her.

Before I go…

One more thing I would like to promote is Cara’s Draft Folder Challenge – This is what it is all about –

Here’s your challenge:

  1. Take a post out of draft folder
  2. Write something that’s a minimum of 300 words.
  3. Link it.

I have been writing these monthly summary #soss posts for over a year now – here’s the one from February last year.

That’s all this month. These summary/sharing posts take a lot of time if you would like to support me and buy me a coffee/wine then that would be swell!



12 thoughts on “March 2019 ~ Blogging Summary & SoSS

  1. I am so tardy compared to you, your blogging output is amazing – and always high quality. Sorry to hear RL is up and down, but (without wanting to sound trite) … c’est la vie.
    🙂 xo

  2. So glad your new account is flying freely and has not been ensnared. Long may it remain so! Sorry that real life has not been so smooth. Thanks for all the links in your splendid review. I always miss things so am very grateful all the good things you mention . Including my SM effort. xx

  3. I think DreamCatcher will be very pleased that you included her, May. You always write one of the best summaries, there’s always something new to find.

  4. Hey May – glad you are still regularly doing #SoSS posts, I think it’s so important for our community. I’m sorry to hear that your personal life has had it’s ups and downs, hope things are settling now and I am glad you had your blogging to steer you through.

    You’ve really got something to inspire everyone here, and it’s such a thrill for me (who doesn’t consider myself a photographer) to have an image picked instead of my words. I shall enjoy browsing the links you’ve selected and I too admire the honest and raw posts people have felt able to write and share for #SB4MH.

    Keep on with the great content.

    1. Ah yes I never miss my summary Posy – been doing them for a year and a quarter now. I did think u would enjoy your photo being shared – so used to having your writing out there – thanks for commenting x

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