March 2020 Blogging Summary & Pin Up Image

March 2020 Blogging Summary & Pin Up Image

March 2020 ~ One could say that for most of us the shit hit the fan sometime in March. Lockdown! But we have all been trying to get on with a new way of life and stay positive. Wishing everyone well…

My header image is the wonderful Ollie from Twitters – Dave and Ollie. They wrote me a message in the sand on one of their walks recently. Follow them for some great images in your timeline.

For my first image in the new photo meme scroll to the end of the post…

My March 2020 Blogging Summary

Life Matters

Book Matters Meme

I began the first week of Book Matters.  This was all about fiction choices and it was a great success. I hosted a fabulous post from Lipgloss McGinn too.

Yesterday I moved on to non-fiction and am not anticipating it to be as popular but hoping to get a some good  recommendations in.

Food Matters

The month of food related topics finished. Thank you all for adding your posts. I collated a page of all the entries and listed them in categories.

Work for Others

I will start with my work for others as a sponsored post about erectile dysfunction is my most popular post of March. I am thrilled about this as a few other bloggers wrote to me about their experiences which are included.

Another story I wrote for one of Frolic Me’s movies – Beautiful Ink – was published.

Why not have a read. It is all about football and sex. And Frolic Me have free story membership at the moment. You can then find all my Frolic Me sexy stories in one place.

My friend Affinity Noir happens to be a professional Dominatrix. You can read all about her in an article I wrote for Fetish Magazine.

Writing March 2020


My most read post after the Erectile Dysfunction one was an entry from my 1997 dairies. I am slowly bringing them over from an old blogger account. Anyway, the one all about me being forced to give Al head has had quite a lot of views!


An older post all about Yesterday’s Knickers has also proved popular this month.

My favourite post that I wrote is an intricate story all about a village after lockdown – When lightening comes from the East… I was really happy it was shared widely and picked in the roundup for Wicked Wednesday.


This very personal post all about just how kinky I actually am was a great success.

I also enjoyed writing this one about respect and humility. I recommend having a read.


You can find all my February Photo Fest entries here. And I do admit they have proved popular with the readers.

Smut Marathon – F4Thought – SB4MH

What a wonderful second round. I so enjoyed reading all of the entries. Here is my feedback from that round.

We are now on the round three voting week. Please have a read and vote – It means so much to the writers.

F4thought is looking at myth busting this week. Last week was spirituality.

Sex Bloggers for Mental Health took a break but is back with more people joining in and supporting the meme. I really want to commend all who share their thoughts and experiences on mental health issues. There will a short sharing post coming this weekend. Missing an absent friend.

Recommended Reading

My recommended reading list(sharing) can be found in a tag on my menu. At the moment it has last months choices from the community. I will add March’s choices very soon.

NEW MEME – Fun Theme Photo Meme – Pin Up

My friend SweetGirl has just started a new meme. You can check it out by clicking the badge at the bottom of this post. Here is my first image for this month’s prompt – Pin Up.

march 2020 pin up


fun theme photo meme
Pin Up


15 thoughts on “March 2020 Blogging Summary & Pin Up Image

  1. Omy, that image. I love that it’s tilted like this. It works really well with your pose. Your legs look absolutely stunning, though so does all of you and I love the black dress and heels. This is very sexy. One of my favourite of your recent images

  2. Awesome – as ever. Too many links to read in one sitting, but I shall be back to browse more. Even though I visit regularly you always have some little ‘avenues’ I haven’t been down! I love your header image – how lovely! Beach dog’s posts melt me … as for the ‘pin up’ image at the end wow! Delicious and it starts Sweetgirl’s meme with quite a bang!

  3. Lots of good stuff in this post but your #funthemephotomeme is the best!
    I’m looking forward to getting involved in this fresh new photo meme.

  4. What a brilliant post May. You do such fabulous work and I am thrilled to have your support for the new meme, and privileged to be called a friend ??

    That is a stunning image too! Thank you.

    Sweetgirl x

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