March ~ My Blogging Summary and SoSS

March ~ My Blogging Summary and SoSS

The March weather has been almost as bad as February. I was very lucky to go to Eroticon which I enjoyed very much. We even had snow – in London!

Here’s my personal round-up.

~ Blogging in March ~

My Eroticon roundup 😉

The most popular post in March, on my blog,  is actually an old one from last year but I was very happy to see it being read so much as it is all about censorship.

I resent being treated like a child. As an adult, I really am able to critically look at a site, or a book or photo and make a constructive decision as to whether it is something I want to investigate. I do not need this done for me by the self-appointed guardians who are constantly attempting to brainwash the masses regarding what they should think, do and see


I wrote a real life two part tale, for Wicked Wednesday, about an ex partner of mine. Elliott Henry chose Part Two as one of his favourite three.

Games to Play when the Coffee in Cold:

I reply by straddling him. His cock slides deep inside me. I want to fuck until I can erase the other women. I grind down stimulating my clit with every movement.

My second round entry for the Smut Marathon took me through to the third round with 40 other writers. I am finding this exercise challenging but enjoyable – here is my take on the first two rounds.

My personal favourite written post for the month, was Fishnets on a Night Out – I love writing filth from the male perspective and I really got inside this guys head:

Then I did it. I couldn’t stop myself – I fell to my knees and began to grab and tear at them. Pulling the holes until they were bigger and bigger. Ripping them to shreds in a lust-induced frenzy.

My favourite image

I actually only put it out on Twitter as a #TuesdaySelfie. I have now added it to my gallery though.



~ Sharing March Summary ~

Once again I am shadowbanned. I expect I should have known better as I Tweeted the egg shot from this post, and within seconds I was banned. I was prepared for it as the same image put me in the shadow last month as well.

Funnily enough, I do not really care about being shadowbanned now and really am just pleased it was one of the things that helped unite sex bloggers and encouraged them to share each others work.


This month has seen many fabulous images published. I particular like this one from Aurora for Sinful Sunday. Looking at this shot evokes so many stories in my mind.

Copywrite 2018


Poetry ~ I want to share Dok’ s blog this month. He writes really thought provoking poetry – more often than not it is also very erotic. Dok plays a great part in the sex blogging community as every week he shares so much of our work on Twitter.

Fiction ~ Jor wrote a very imaginative and erotic post entitled Floating:

She inhales, smiles joyfully and surrenders. As she closes her eyes again the hands start to feast on her breasts, rolling her nipples between the fingers, tenderly pinching and pulling them.

Series ~ Posy likes to write Twisted Fairy Tales – an erotic take on an old classic tale.  Here is her latest about the Gingerbread Man. You will find the others on her site. I personally reccomend her take on Little Red Riding Hood.

Non-fiction ~ This month Violet has been writing a fabulous informative series called: Write Big Sexy Words. She says –

If you’re a word nerd like I am, that alone will be fun, but if you’re also looking to expand your repertoire and use more more robust, yet sensual and descriptive, language in your erotic writing, this may be the feature for you.


Blog ~ Take a look at Luv Bunny’s blog. She is consistantly posting great reviews with photos to illustrate.

Please check out these links and share some of your own favourites 😉


4 thoughts on “March ~ My Blogging Summary and SoSS

  1. I love the images that you’ve shared, the green dress is something I’m a bit envious of.

  2. Hi May – Argh shado’ banned again – how annoying! Thank you for recommending my site and my GB man tale – yeah if anyone wants to read all the re workings I’ve done so far they only need to search on the word ‘fairy’ and all 3 written so far come up.

    Great round up of posts and links to other’s sites – Luv Bunny is definitely a great reviewer. and Aurora’s picture was very expressive. Must read more of Violet’s stuff, I like what I’ve discovered so far!

  3. Great post May. I thought the photo of Aurora was brilliant too. Thanks for reminding us of the wonderful posts. I particularly liked Jor’s story Floating which I had missed.

    Yes, you may be shadowbanned but your light shines brightly! CPxx

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