Massage Magic ~ Short Story

Massage Magic ~ Short Story

“Hey Greg. Not seen you for a few weeks. Hear you had an accident?”

Pete ushered me to a seat next to him while Sue went up to the bar to order in a round. As soon as she returned I took a sip of my cider and told them what I’d been up to.

It had all started one afternoon on my way to work. I had an important case to defend later that day and wanted to get in early enough to do my homework. I was cruising thorough Elmsfort on my Yamaha 500 when all of a sudden I drove over a small hump in the road straight into a cloud of mist. Hitting the curb I dropped her and ended up laying on the tarmac. The bike resting on my ankle.

The street was empty. Like a ghost town. It seemed deathly quiet. Hence nobody available to help me up. I managed to shift the Yamaha and leaned her against a wall. My ankle screamed out at me and I reckoned even money at least some bit of it was broken. Tentatively, I looked through the mist. Dazed. I had only ever driven through this town so was not familiar with any of the buildings. Squinting in the haze I searched for anything that would be of help to me. Then I saw it – Lin’s Massage parlour. Limping over I read the sign.

Want to be rid of aches? Straighten out tired limbs? Free yourself of pain? Enter in. The deed will be done.

I didn’t hesitate.

As I shut the door a bell rang. A petite brunette appeared at the small counter that could be viewed through the window. Lin, I supposed. Dressed in a white button up dress. It hugged her slight curves to perfection. Her hair tied neatly up in a high pony tail.

Smiling, she answered my questions concerning price and time etc. And shortly I followed her through to the back. I noticed Lin put the closed sign up on the door as she joined me.

In a very soft Irish brogue she told me to go behind the screen, undress and lay down on the long medical couch. As I retreated to de-robe I could hear hands being washed at the small basin in the corner of the room. Glancing over my shoulder I noticed she was gathering some bottles of oil and cream from the cupboard below.

I wrapped a towel around my waist, limped out from the partition and laid front side down on the recliner.

My head was clearing slightly but I couldn’t help thinking I must have bumped it when I fell. I began to relax as her smooth hands caressed my calf and gently pulsed over the damaged ankle.

Almost immediately it felt rejuvenated and all the hairs on my body responded as goosebumps spread over my skin.

Lin asked me to turn over and she began work on the front joint of my bad ankle. Every touch was enchanting. And the pain subsided as her fingertips slid across my limbs. I breathed out a massive sigh and at the same moment her hands began to move up my leg. Within no time she was massaging my thigh.

As I opened my eyes she met my gaze and slowly began undoing the buttons on her uniform, squeezing her naked breasts. The nipples reacted immediately to her touch, causing my cock to bounce from beneath the towel.

Throwing the cloth aside Lin began to massage my testicles. Within moments my length was a steel rod as she shimmied her pert titties over the tip and grazed my manhood. I longed for her mouth to sooth the throbbing and as if she could read my mind her pursed lips met my knob in a kiss as she proceeded to take the length between her lips, using her hands to accommodate the swell of my balls as she worked her magic.

By this time my busted ankle was feeling good as new. Once again she presented her boobies within my cock’s firing range. I took aim and with a heartfelt groan -half pleasure, half relief- I spurted all over them. Lin didn’t seem to mind and giggled on her way to the basin to clean up. Right beside me I spied some tissues so did the same.

As soon as I was dressed she led me out the door and put the open sign back up. Thankfully, as I straddled my bike the mist dispersed and I rallied on to work, still arriving in enough time for the hearing and feeling on top of the world.

“And that was that. Lin is a magician.” I finished my tale.

“Wow. That is incredible. And how did the trial turn out?” Sue asked.

“Well, let’s put it this way. A man may have be wrongly convicted If I hadn’t managed to attend.” I said sternly.

Disregarding the drama I had deliberately built up, Sue necked the last drop of lager from her glass, burped, handed it to Pete. “Another.” It wasn’t a question.

“No.” Said Pete. “Wait. I think you’re making this up Greg. I know my way around Elmsfort. And I have never seen any massage-type shop. Where did you say it was?”

“In the middle of town. Near the green,” I stated, disgruntled at his disbelief.

“Let’s go and check this Lin out then. My back’s been playing up for weeks.”

We jumped into Sue’s car and drove the eight miles to Elmsfort. All the while I was confident Lin would still be there. Not only that, from what I remembered her prices were amazingly cheap. I’d thought more than once about going back for an encore.

Parking up, we walked to the town centre.

But… I couldn’t believe my eyes… the massage parlour was gone. In its place was a big new ‘Vape Store’. Surely she couldn’t have gone out of business in such a short time?

“Ah. I knew you were taking the piss.” Greg teased. “Or you imagined her after that bang to your head.”

To prove him wrong I walked straight into the shop and asked them how long they had been trading.

“A few years mate. Before me it was a charity shop. Red Cross I think.”

We left and I stared up at the window, almost in shock. An old lady was walking by and stopped.

“Vape. What is that?” She looked at me and then Sue as if wanting an answer.

“I’ve lived here all my life. Never heard of such nonsense.”

Suddenly I could see a way out of this. I was certain in my own mind Lin was not an illusion so I questioned the old lady like she was a trial witness. She didn’t need much encouragement.

“Massage parlour you say. Oh yes, young man. There was one of those…places here. But that was many long years ago when I was a teenager. Talk of the town it was. Everybody knew the customers were getting a lot more than a simple massage.” She winked and continued. “Poor young girl. Her name was Lin. Lin Lamont I think. Seemed too nice for that kind of thing. Closed down she was.”

“When was that?” I queried

“Must have been 1959.” She smiled, and, placing her walking stick in front, steadied herself before bidding us goodbye.

It appeared Lin the masseuse truly was magic…

This Story was written by me – May More – and sponsored by the Aphrodite Tantric Massage team.  Please check them out below…

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22 thoughts on “Massage Magic ~ Short Story

  1. Great story, it reminded me of the ‘rub n tug’ session I had as a young man.
    So I guess you could say you put me in a time slip as well!

  2. Fabulously done May must admit I got so swept up in it I entirely forget it was for F4T, so the ended still caught me off guard, even though with the prompt in mind I should have been expecting it x

  3. I love time slip or supernatural tales – this was so heartwarming May. You painted the picture so vividly, in a low wordcount, hats off to you!

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