Masturbation ~ When You Just got to Have it!

Masturbation ~ When You Got to Have It

Masturbation became a feature in my life from when I was about thirteen years old, but not using my finger. Being a prolific reader I rubbed the binding of a book along my slit. I was hooked, realising what pleasure was achieved – and for free!

Looking back, this does seem a trifle young to have already learned how to pleasure my self.  How old were you?

Orgasms are Therapeutic

It is a belief of mine that having orgasms in general, helps keeps a person happy and healthy.

I have gone through periods in my life when sex within a relationship was minimal. It seemed this not only contributed to my low self-esteem,  and as a consequence, not feeling worthy enough to allow myself time to masturbate, but also minor ailments such as colds were easily caught. If I go for more than a few weeks without a waking orgasm I will have a wet dream. This is natures way of saying don’t neglect your sexual needs.

By the time I was in my twenties, it appeared, upon discussion with girlfriends, that I needed more orgasms than they did. Which brings me to 1997.

Young and Horny

I was physically and sexually at a high and went out to explore different sexual avenues because I was always so darn horny! That summer, casually seeing a man who was not always available for me, I used to masturbate thinking about him. We had phone sex too. The worse time was in the day, at work. Suddenly finding myself wanton. I remember occasions when I took myself off to the toilets and masturbated sitting in the cubicle. Not such a visual delight.

However, there was one time, that I often look back on, and it always makes me smile.

I worked in an office with three other people. The door was always open so if you imagine four desks. Two one side of the room opposite each other, and two the other. A walkway down the middle. The door was in the corner diagonally to the right of me so I could look up, glance over and see who was coming in. Spying them before they saw me.

One lunchtime taking the early slot for dinner meant I was left alone for the second hour. Al called to arrange a date. At the end of the call I was throbbing between my legs. Being in charge of the office meant I had to stand my ground. I turned my swivel chair so it was oblique and facing towards the doorway, opened the bottom left-hand draw of my desk and put my foot on to it.

Office Work and Masturbation

Then I edged my hand up between my legs. I wasn’t wearing any tights and I always wore a skirt and blouse to work – pushing the gusset of my knickers aside, I felt the moistness of my cunt. Fuck I was hot for this guy. I ran my middle finger along my slit and began to slowly and deliberately rub my clitoris. All the while keeping eyes ahead in case I needed to drop my legs and behave in a business fashion.

Skirt was now hitched up quite high, bare legs open and fingers searching. I could smell sex in the air.

It didn’t take long – the apprehension that someone may walk in at any minute, and the thought of seeing Al in a few days – knowing I would suck his cock and kiss his mouth – was too much for me. Adrenalin was cruising through my veins. Quietly tilting my head back and slightly pushing my hips into my hand, I allowed my finger to extract a much-needed climax from me.

Looking back I smile at my nerve. What a sexy minx I was…

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30 thoughts on “Masturbation ~ When You Just got to Have it!”

  1. Now that’s a great masturbation story!
    As you know, I was about 13 as well when I started exploring my own body. I think it’s a common age. And I also have a few bathroom stall accounts as well as one in the office. Good for you, taking what you need. No shame in that!!!!

  2. I was an avid reader in my youth but never felt comfortable with masturbating… if only I knew to use one of my books!!!! Ingenious heeheeeee! I loved this piece

  3. Hot, and I also realized early on that I needed more orgasms that many of the people I knew. I’m not sure that I would masturbate at work but I can imagine how the thought that you may be caught could add to the experience.

  4. As Masturbation is now my sex life I have tried to bring it to the level of having a partner. I read to help myself get going and it’s fantastic pieces like this that keep me up there. The female insight gets me very aroused. Posy is a particularly hot stimulator!! Look forward to loads more

  5. Great account of the old days and your mindset back then. I can see some parallels to my sexual awakening, in fact, I think you’ve inspired a post! Double thank-you May xx (and what Elliott says is right, you still ARE a sexy Minx!!)

  6. What do you mean was, you are still a sexy minx. And, you know what seeing those legs does to me, yes I can never say no.

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