Matching Lingerie is even for me

Matching Lingerie is even for me

Congratulations to Violet for a years worth of Lingerie is for Everyone.

I think it is a meme so many people can relate to.

Recently the knicker fairy visited me and left a beautiful matching lingerie set from my wish list. I have some very interesting out door shots to show you all over the next few weeks. Mostly the other images don’t highlight the set as a whole, rather the backdrop and some quirky bits that I was also wearing. But this one does a better job. And I have to tell you guys it is my only matching knicker/bra set. So I am feeling very indulged. Thank you to the person who gifted it to me.

The other thing I have to tell you is that the temperature was about 3 degrees when I posed for this shot!

matching lingerie
Matching Lingerie – beautiful detail on the fabric

This week my Sinful Sunday image is introducing a short project I will be undertaking…

Check out who else is putting their knickers on by clicking the image below…

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19 thoughts on “Matching Lingerie is even for me

  1. this pieces suit you so well! i love the details in the lingerie and in the wood behind you. Lovely composition too! Thank you so much for all your help and support this past year with LiFE!

  2. They look fab! – a delicious gift & I know you deserve it for boosting everyone’s Twitter feed.
    The goose bumps don’t show – you look relaxed & gorgeous xx

  3. You look so sexy and Absolutely Fabulous as Edina and Patsy would say. Whoever purchased this has extremely good taste, I would say. He fit your perfectly with the Fairy’s help. 37.5°F is a little chilly, I’m surprised your Man made you pose outside, I would’ve had you indoors lying on a bed of red velvet like Marilyn Monroe.

  4. I have this set and it is devine… it also looks a heck of a lot better on you than me…but MrH likes me in it anyway so that’s good. I have decided to redefine my body type as “not one to turn down cake” just for ease of operation lol xx

  5. It’s beautiful! I have been buying myself matching sets for several months now, buying all new. And I have to say, it does improve my mood in the morning to put them on and feel just a little sexy. Looking forward to your new project!

    1. They are quite expensive so over budget for me to buy myself, but I do understand how iimproves mood. I felt so buzzzzzy as soon as i put this on x

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