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May 2019 ~ Blogging Summary & #SoSS

I have spent May 2019 mopping up a little after losing my projects site at the start of the month.

Read about that here.

I do still have my diaries and last years Photofest images as they are on  a blogger account I used a few years ago. As far as this years Photofest is concerned I have lost the posts but have added a gallery of the images to this blog.

The A to Z was a little more messy. I managed to retrieve some via the archive library online and have linked to them on my menu. But I was missing ten letters. Many thanks to Missy for retrieving them from her WordPress reader. So appreciated her taking the time to do it. Now i need to get them in with the others some how. The work of a blogger is never done!

My May Blogging Summary

Writing on my blog

The post that blew all others out of the water this month – and won a place in the roundup for Sinful Sunday-  was Come Outside. In a few weeks it is set to become my most popular post since I started this blog. And I never expected it to be liked so much. That is often the case. In honour of it’s popularity I have included another photo from that shoot as this post’s header.

On to more posts that I think are worthy of inclusion.

Fiction Writing

I enjoyed writing two very smutty stories this month.

Non Fiction Writing
  • This is a semi fiction, foot in the truth, post. On occasions consent can be an issue for men too. In this piece I shine a light on a guy who said “no.”
  • For Lyme Awareness Month I have written an informative post about Lyme Disease. Many of you will know my man suffers from it.

I also penned some notes about the smut marathon stories from round four and published a sharing post regarding a blogging landmark of mine.

Guest and Sponsored Work

Writing Elsewhere

This month my story that accompanies a movie on Frolic Me has been published. It is very sexy and all about a hot-wife and her husband that gets to listen while she fucks another man.


The image below was popular on my site and is taken from a post for Sinful Sunday.

Loving the navel


And this one from only last week put me in the sinful Sunday roundup again.

May 2019 Sharing SoSS


  • Wherever Molly goes she seems to find a great place to snap a sexy image. The photo in this post is very sexy but also have a read to find out how she stumbled across across an interesting camp.
  • Here is another post where you must go and check out the image of a young Modesty but please read the post too. Full of fun times she has had over the years.
  • My audience love a good cleavage image and this one from Jupiter Grant is one of the best I have seen for a while.
Copyright Jupiter Grant


May 2019 Sharing of Sex Bloggers for Mental Health Posts.

Most of May 2019 has had the topic of open as it has been Mental Health Awareness Month among other things. Here are a few entries that I could not forget.

  • This post was actually published last month but for some reason I could not get into Alethea’s site. I finally did and was rendered speechless. As a survivor of child abuse I have often thought about what it could be like for a parent who finds out her children have suffered at the hands of a pedophile. Written well and from the heart. I think you should make time to read it. Obviously it starts with a warning.
  • Here is another post that has stuck in my mind since I read it. Marie sets this out in three parts but this links to part three where you can find tabs to all three posts.
  • Couldn’t forget this intense post from Wittie. My,  what a journey.

Writing that tickled my fancy in May 2019

  • I do love it when Cousin Pons decides to grace our minds with a story. He creates such a great scene in this flash with a little twist at the end.
  • Posy also caught me by surprise in this flash tale that will get your motor running.
  • Melody writes so much good stuff! I found my self nodding all the way through this piece which poses the question – Are we Living on a Forbidden Planet?

That’s all for this month. Back again at the end of June 😉


6 thoughts on “May 2019 ~ Blogging Summary & #SoSS”

  1. The heartbreaking and emotional posts from Alethea and Wittie were very powerful and their words have stayed with me ever since I read them. xx

  2. Thank you, May ?

    The #sb4mh posts you highlight are amazing pieces, each for their own reasons. It can require significant courage for people to post and when they do, they need to be read. They are powerful and as emotional as some can be to read, that’s nothing compared to the lived experiences which are often eye opening.

    My heart went out to Wittie. In writing such a post she still had the writer’s instinct to leave the reveal in suspense until the end.

    1. I agree Melody. It is not an easy task reading some of them but like u say they NEED to be read and recognised. I think if they have been brave enough to write them I will be brave enough and read them – Thanks for your help with SB4MH x

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