May must Surrender to June

May must Surrender to June

Pumping up the Pole

Hi there… My name’s May. Named after the month I was born. You met my twin sister last month, April. It is true. We are twins. She was born on the 30th April at 11.30pm, and I was born on May 1st just after midnight. We like it that way, as we don’t have to share birthdays. However, we often share men. One in particular. Her husband.

I couldn’t believe it when Augustus married her. He’d played with both of us for a while, but I think it was April’s famed golden showers trick that nailed it for her. You got to love a guy who enjoys being pissed on from a great height. Well, April is an inch off 6 foot. But the three of us agreed the games didn’t need to stop with their nuptials. That was a relief as I haven’t yet met any guy with a pole as meaty as Augustus’ — and I need a long, hard pole to carry out my May-day birthday ritual each year. Let me set the scene for you…

We usually find an excluded area of the garden. Augustus loves being outside, getting dirty or wet. He lays down naked, and I hover above his head in my May Day dress, no panties allowed.

may surrender to June
Pexel by Alyssa Rose

The sight of my glistening flesh pumps up his pole in double quick time. I settle down beside him. Take the ribbons from my hair — yep, just like in the song — then one by one, I tie the silk around the base of his dick and weave the material along the length. Finally, securing it at the tip. Each ribbon is of a different colour and width. That’s why I need a man with a long rod.

By the time I’m finished, Augustus is understandably dripping with pre-cum and I am compelled to taste his desire. Usually just a few licks before his cream spurts out and dribbles over the edge, adorning the ribbons in its wake. Briefly, the spectacle is one to behold. But of course the scene deflates and Augustus has to make it up to me by diving between my thighs…

Surrender your Body

Hi there, April here. Bear with me, I know the month is June! You recently met my twin sister — May. Remember, she’s too damn lazy to find her own man, so shares my husband Augustus — the one who enjoys golden showers.

Now we have that sorted, let’s move on… Last year the three of us attended an adult-only summer solstice celebration which was held on the hill overlooking our village. Magic is at its highest at this time, and it is important to give praise to the sun god while warding off evil, which is always lurking ready to ruin the farmer’s crop.

Many of us wear garlands of leaves or flowers in our hair and nothing else. Surrendering our naked body to the elements of the night is all part of our local tradition. We burn a bonfire of straw so none of us get chilly as the night wears on.

Chanting and dancing along with praising and drinking is followed by the orgy — open and unrestrained sexual activity. This is not about one-on-one commitment, but rather creating a frenzy of writhing, heated energy — primal and unscripted — in the hope that this offering of ourselves will please the universe and good will rain down on us all.

Well, I can tell you it works. The village syndicate won the lottery in October and nobody caught an STD during that night. All good, I say.

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  1. Great names May!
    Very glad I don’ have a twin (although I was supposed to…). not sure I’d like to share in this capacity. lol
    It does make for a hot story though, doesn;t it?

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