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May out on the Moor again

Here I am on the moor again for Day 26 of my February Photo Fest.

On the Moor Day 26

I published a similar shot to this a while back.

PhotoFest Mention for today ~ Now this is lovely.

Day 26

12 thoughts on “May out on the Moor again”

  1. I have been to many nudist clubs. This is so reminiscent of my visits. This type of view is so common when at these venues. It brings back those positive memories and makes me desire to go again.

      1. It really is so freeing not to worry about clothing and just enjoying your day. People of all shapes, ages and creeds go and everyone is always welcoming and friendly. I haven’t been since I’ve been caged and wonder what would happen if I went now. Would my Queen have me go uncaged or would I have to wear it—and if so, what would the reactions be. Every nudist club I’ve been to has very strict “no sexual behaviour” rules. Would wearing a cage break them?
        Still if you get the chance you should go and try one out. I think you would love the experience

  2. I love how hidden you are by the environment on the foreground of this picture and by the position you’re at in this frame. And like the thin branches seem to perfectly hide your nipples even though, they’re so thin!

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