May ~ My Blogging Summary and SoSS

May, my namesake – has been blessed with a so-called heatwave and tropical type storms. I can assure you so has May More. It has not been an easy month, though I think I have written a few of my best posts. I took a week off from my blog, simply being too tired to do anything but that.

With all this in mind a theme naturally came to me for my summary sharing post – thought-provoking articles. It actually was quite a coincidence as when I looked back on notes I made during the month regarding posts I thought YOU should read, they all had one thing in common – they made you think. So without further ado let me give a brief summary of my month in blogging before I share them with you.

My May Blogging Summary


At the very beginning of May I had a weird dream – woke up – had a think and wrote Lonely Hearts that very morning.

His prose was very eloquent with words telling of his desires and need to explore every inch of my body. To probe every orifice and hear me scream out his name as he brought me to a shuddering climax.

I was really happy with it – not thinking it was a great story, but just knowing it had something going for it. Others felt the same. It was chosen in the top three for wicked Wednesday and indeed Marie also mentioned it in her weekly sharing post. Molly also shared it and chose it as one of her two picks for Elust magazine.

The other thing I very much enjoyed writing was Elegant. All about a Cockney Geezer on the pull.

Pushing ‘er in that direction she didn’t need any more encouragement. Me knob was out in a jiffy and her laughing gear was all over it. Lucky cow. Sucking, slurping and blowing. I couldn’t Adam and Eve it.

It made me smile so much – fun while I worked – and also my lovely readers seemed to like it too. Ella read it and was inspired to write her own “local accent” smut post.

Also, on the writing front, I was pleased to make it through to the 5th round of the Smut Marathon.


There is only one image I want to mention from my posts this month. This one.

Triptych and Frames for the Wheel of Photography

I spent a lot of time editing it and can not decide if I like it more that my entry for art-twist a few month ago.

Monthly Sharing – SoSS

Thought-provoking posts that really resonated with me over the past month.


  • Nero attended a party with his wife recently and it seemed was transported back to the 1980’s. This is a very honest account of his evening and how drugs played a part.

… watched as he simply poked the tip of a cutlery knife into his baggie, tipped a smudge into a champagne flute, and then added a splash or three of water.

It inspired me to publish a post in reply regarding my own personal experience of drugs.

  • At Eroticon I chatted with Posy about her fears regarding BDSM. She has written about them this month. It is the start of her journey and she very much wants to learn from our experiences.

I think my fear is that my OH – a bluff northern male (built like an ox who does endurance events) will not pick up on my signs of distress

There are already a lot of great comments, take a look.

  • I read this post by Luv Bunny a week or so ago just when I was feeling that men are from Mars and women from Venus.

The person feeling the hurt may start to become emotionally withdrawn. They will believe it is not worth investing time sharing their feelings with their partner who will only rebuff their concerns.

After reading I realised that on occasions I need more emotional support than my man has been giving.

Communication. A couple must keep talking, even during the sex.

Yes, communication is so important when attempting such an act.

Establishing consent is vital whether you’re planning to spank someone over your knee or go camping with them in the Lake District, and the same process applies in each scenario. You need to talk to each other openly and honestly


  • Scandarella‘s writing often hits me emotionally. She seems to have the ability to create a story that touches my soul. This one

They’re so busy searching her features for the girl she was they fail to see the woman she is. But I see her. All of her. She was beautiful then, she’s beautiful now, and beautiful is what she will always be.

about an aging couple really made me think and cry, actually.


  • This image from Tabitha is simply AMAZING. If you have not seen it yet then you are in for a treat. It also falls under my theme as it is entitled Truth.
  • Everyone knows how Elliott likes to include some of us sex-bloggers in his images. This week on sinful Sunday a coincidence occurred. Sassy Cat and I published a very similar image. Elliott is not one to miss an opportunity and created this photo for his blog.

    Click the image to see his post – Copyright – Elliott Henry

Wishing you all a happy June 😉

5 thoughts on “May ~ My Blogging Summary and SoSS”

  1. May I am so excited that you included my photo, but even mire delighted to relish my time reading these posts you’ve shared, thank you for putting them all together x x

  2. You always do a nice SOSS post, May, gives me a chance to see something of quality I missed. I thought your Triptych photo was one of the best that week, clever idea, and loved the little peek at the photographer, please relay my compliments to his work.

    Thank you for including me. Originally I did that photo just for you and Cat, I thought you two would get a kick out of the thought. Then I realized it was really something that you both posted those photos the same time and thought others would enjoy seeing.

      1. Thanks Elliott – glad you like my Triptych – my man took them, but I did all the editing 😉 And I love it when u put photos of me and Cat together too, that’s why I had to share this one.

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