May’s Xmas Crackers for SoSS

May’s Xmas Crackers for SoSS

I thought a Xmas theme would be perfect for this Saturdays sharing post. So with that in mind lets give a shout out to all the festively creative posts I most enjoyed.


I have had a busy week being a guest judge on both Sinful Sunday and Wicked Wednesday. Those experiences were hugely enjoyable but also meant I got to check out all the festive photos and stories published over these last few weeks. Consequently, I have found a few more links than I usually share. The images have literally lit up my day. The stories have entertained my nights – some saucy, some thought-provoking. So here we go.

Photos ~ Xmas lights and snow globes.

Bound by Molly Moore ~ This image is absolutely incredible. It should be a poster or framed. Once again Molly has excelled herself

Light Them Up by The other Livvy ~ This is quite simply a gorgeously intimate shot.

Snow Globe by Maria Opens Up ~ A beautifully artistic shot with a great Christmas feel to it.

Writing ~ Smutty

Xmas can really bring about a new level of kink and these three posts are as kinky as hell.

The Naughty List – by Lascivious Lucy ~ Making out with Santa! That is very naughty indeed and this a thoroughly hot read. I must say I really love all the photos Lucy puts on her blog and her twitter account.

In Santa’s Lap by Cara Sutra ~ How many of us, with dirty minds, have thought about what it would be like to sit on Santa’s lap. It’s making be squirm (in a good way) just thinking about it. This tells you exactly what its like.

Twisted Fairy Tale #2 by Posy Churchgate ~ I have only really just discovered Posy – yes I know I can be slow at times – From where I am sitting this is a deliciously wicked tale with the anti-hero dressed in a particular kink of mine. Made me hot!

Writing ~ thought provoking

Christmas Memories by Scandarella ~ I think I may have a slight crush on Ella as I can not seem to write a sharing post without including her. All I will say is that his story had me in tears. The ability to create such emotion in others is talent indeed.

Last but by no means least is:

My Christmas Day by Bibulous One ~ This blog takes me into a completely different, unknown to me, world. I love how he writes and what he has to say. This is about his fantasy Christmas.

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  1. You’re very kind to recommend me. I dont think you’ve been particularly slow to ‘discover’ me, I’ve been doing this less than a year, and I only joined Twitter and started joining in with the Memes a month ago (Thank Miss Jezebella & Ella Scandal for prodding me and helping!)

    Twitter has caused me to discover you too, but I very much like what you share! Mutual fan club! Thanks again =)

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