Meat Feast

Meat Feast

Inspired by the above photo taken by F dot leonora.

The Wicked Wednesday prompt this week was: “Go to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and use the first thing you see as your prompt.” ~ The first thing I saw was a Tweet for the Friday Flash prompt of PIZZA, and I wrote this…

Less than 200-word flash (practising dialogue.)

meat feast


Meat Feast

“So, come on.” He was becoming impatient with me. “What do you want? Pizza or sex.”

“That’s the trouble with men.” I sneered, knowing this statement would annoy him.

“What is? You sexist bitch.” He pushed me onto the sofa and ripped my blouse open.

“Well if you really want to know, guys can’t multi-task. What if I want sex and pizza, at the same time?” I asked wriggling further down into the cushions as he made short work of my bra. My boobs now in the spotlight of the side-lamp.

“Oh, the lady wants both,” he mocked, giving me a mouth full of pizza whilst smearing my tits with the remainder of the slice.

“Oooch.” I screeched. “You almost burned my nipple with the hot salami. Or is it pepperoni?”

Now he wasn’t paying any attention. His cock was out, erect and pulling my knickers aside he rammed it into my pussy and began to fuck me while sucking and slurping the smeared pizza from my tits.

“That’s more like it,” I said grinding my cunt forward on to his beefy dick and finishing my mouthful of Pizza.  “A meat feast in two holes.”

meat feast
Friday Flash #40 Meat Feast

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meat feast
#349 Social Media Inspiration

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  1. This is really clever and I did laugh. I was stuck for both prompts so we’ll done you. I can never think out the box like this ?

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