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Messy Rope for Tie Me Up

Messy rope and staging a shot.

Well ML – I did do the heel tie. And it was OK but my rope kind of ran out so it looked terrible compared to the links you have now. I could see the attractiveness of it though.

The thing is my man and I are quite messy with rope. I think he works on the principle of

Whatever keeps the bitch still for five minutes. And If I can shut her up with my cock in her mouth all the better.

That’s certainly what he went for in this shot. And my ankles were very strongly tied. I had bare feet on cold flag stones. He showed no mercy.

And I think we got a great shot.

Not a foot tie but rope near my feet. Let’s remember, in my mitigation, I did join in with the gagging prompt and linked a fab shot for hand tie week. Even if they were not exactly on prompt. But soon I will get it right! I hope 😉

Yes, we are Messy with Rope
Heel Tie
Week #6

7 thoughts on “Messy Rope for Tie Me Up”

  1. LOL. I love how you actually did the tie, then looked at ours and were like… yeah maybe not. And LOL his principle is great. Rope near your feet certainly counts I’d say 😉 Glad to see you joining in!

  2. Great image! Gives me all sorts of tingles 🙂
    Mister K is all about shutting me up too, in similar ways 🙂

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