midnight mistletoe

Midnight Mistletoe

Midnight Mistletoe is a Flash Fiction story with 336 words.  Inspired by the header shot from Molly Moore.

Midnight Mistletoe

It was 2003.  My mate was holding a new years eve party and I really was not in the mood to go. But he said she would be there.  Dark hair, crazy green eyes and that arse. Oh, how I wanted to get my hands on that arse.

A popular fantasy of mine was laying her over a kitchen table, raising her short skirt, no knickers, and I would edge my cock against her arse hole. That’s what a girl like her needs – to be kept in place. Already hard as fuck with pre-cum ready to moisten the forbidden slit before me, I’d start to push against its puckered muscle, against her restraint. Then, in my head, I’d see him standing there looking on, her fella, and my dick would fold. An incomplete daydream, leaving me frustrated every time.

“Right, she’s going, but he’ll be there too?” I had to ask.

“Yeah of course, but perhaps you should show what you’re made of instead of slobbering about her in your dreams.”

So I went. She looked amazing. Silver dress and bright lipstick that was asking to be tasted. I’d glance over, but he was always by her side.

Then time sped on and the count down towards midnight began.




There I was standing with my beer just near the door in the hall, a bit out of the way when she appeared and stood right under the mistletoe. It was suspended from the light fitting.

Staring directly at me.

I was there in an instant. Looked around. No one in sight. I kissed her. She tasted like bubble-gum. My hand landed on that perfect arse and as our tongues mingled I dug my fingers into her peachy bum cheeks. She pushed forward, the swell of her breasts against me. Then it was over. Just on the last stroke of midnight.

“Happy New Year.” she purred walking away.

And you know what, it damn well was!

This story was inspired by the header shot of Molly Moore.  Image originally published as M is for Mistletoe and used with permission.

Sometimes I shoot a little of my real life into a fictional tale. As I did in this festive story.

Midnight Mistletoe #222
Friday Flash #34


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  1. Loved ‘Midnight Mistletoe’! This line… Silver dress and bright lipstick that was asking to be tasted.… May Film Noir More. Nice.

  2. This is was cute story and I didn’t know where it would go. I enjoyed how you blended the fantasy with reality ?

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